08 Nov How Binay Looks Side by Side with Other Beloved World Leaders



JUAN SAYS: We have been seeing posts of newly elected, newly retired, and those who have been in power for a good number of years from other countries, and countless reasons why their constituents have fallen in love with them. We are guessing that it is NOT about getting paid on election day just to vote for them.



JUAN SAYS: Former Uruguay President Jose Mujica uses an ’87 Beetle as a presidential car. He drives around by himself. He has donated ninety percent of his $12,000 salary to charity. In this photo, Mujica awaits his turn to have himself checked in a public hospital.


JUAN SAYS: This is President Putin of Russia, currently the most powerful man in the world buying his own petrol for his car at a local petrol station. Note – no entourage!


JUAN SAYS: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets his constituents at the Whitby Go Train Station. He recently announced his cabinet which is composed of multi-racial and multi-sectoral representatives — a reflection of the diversity of Canada’s population.

We are not Canadians but watching Justin Trudeau ascend as Prime Minister has gotten us watching videos about him and reading the news. We are envious of our Canadian friends, they have a leader who enlisted a cabinet that had the same number of women as men, and that represented all provinces of the country; the Minister of the Environment was renamed Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, and that a quadriplegic was made a Minister of Veteran Affairs, while someone visually impaired since birth became Minister of Sport. An aboriginal woman was sworn in as Minister of Justice, a Sikh who immigrated to Canada as a child became Minister of Defense, and a Muslim refugee from Afghanistan who didn’t speak English is now a Minister of Democratic Institutions at the age of 30. Trudeau promised diversity and change and he is determined to keep his word. Something that the Philippine politicians lack! WTF! WTF! (Click on the highlighted letters for the video)

Canada’s new cabinet is not only gender balanced, it’s the most diverse in history.

Posted by AJ+ on Thursday, November 5, 2015


JUAN SAYS: And we have this, our Vice President who has plotted his rise to power to become the President of our country the moment he was elected as the number 2 guy. Before you cringe at the photo (we know you have done so a couple of times), let us be reminded that he is wearing a Boy Scout uniform. So we are asking for RESPECT. (Lord, have mercy!) Please do not judge VP Binay based on this photo alone. (Lord, save us!) We are sure that there are countless of reasons why VP Binay chose not to traverse the muddy walkway and opted for the makeshift bridge of plastic chairs. Malay niyo: a. Louboutin ang shoes, b. bagong pedi at footspa, c. ayaw magka-fungus, d. baka bumuka ang lupa at lamunin siya, e. bawal siyang mabasa, baka dumami, f. ang tingin niya sa sarili niya tunay na anito, dapat sinasamba. Madaming dahilan, kayo talaga DON’T JUDGE! Kumakain yan sa bangketa! Pumipila pa sa buffet table! Nagsusubo na gamit ang kamay sa mga batang paslit! PERO huwag na huwag mababasa! Gremlin eh kayo talaga!

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