26 Nov Good Call Tatay Digong



JUAN SAYS: Many of us cringed as he delivered his “severance” speech to the US on that fateful meeting with China. Then the “Trump Win” happened.


Here is a very good commentary by Franco Mabanta:

Both the BBC and Al Jazeera are reporting that the immigration website to Canada has just crashed. Mexican Peso is down 13%. Must be so ridiculously stressful over there right now — but as an Asian, it really isn’t difficult to find this all a bit funny.

Let me pivot: now that it’s looking like the bumbling reality star with flimsy economic plans will be the next American Head of State; now that the racist, sexist billionaire with no political background will be the Commander-In-Chief of the greatest military force in the world; now that the man who has EXPLICITLY called the Philippines “a terrorist nation” and has EXPLICITLY said that he intends to remove all foreign aid and make it more difficult for Filipinos to enter will be the next President of the United States —

— how’s that move to China lookin’? 😎

Try to recall that as recent as a month ago, conflict with China wasn’t just possible. It was inevitable. And there was absolutely zero chance the US was going to come to our defense even while Obama was in office. Illogical to risk destabilization for the sake of lowly Baby Bro Pinas — there was no way.

Now look at us. There is no war in Scarborough Shoal. We’re in the good graces of the strongest nation on earth. And — most importantly — we got out of the big US mess just in the nick of time, literally by the skin of our teeth. If you don’t like Duterte, no worries — I get it. I understand you.

But the dude saved us. This isn’t opinion. This is truth.

That last statement might annoy you because of the China-Philippines language divide. Or perhaps for cultural reasons? (What’s gonna happen to my NBA, my UFC, my Pixar cartoons, my Marvel Comics, my double bacon cheeseburgers, my stand up comedy, my Grammy Awards, my Kardashians, my Instagram, my HOLLYWOOD? Trust me, you won’t lose any of those things.) Or maybe it annoys you because you think a flirty guy with a dirty mouth and a violent past isn’t capable of thinking that far ahead, much less save the day.

Yet he did and here we are. And with the utmost of objectivity, I think thus far the plan’s working out just fine.

At the apex of the China controversy, when Facebook was up in arms about Duterte’s decision to cut ties with America, I (a bit nervously) went live on the biggest podcast in the Philippines and said that NO ONE was talking about the US elections. What were we gonna do if Trump won? Suddenly and out of nowhere, we had all these fake economic analysts and wannabe political experts screaming as loudly as their social media microphones could project, weighing in on how bad of a choice it was to amalgamate with the Chinese. “Off with Duterte’s ungrateful, un-American head,” they said.

And I kept harping on the fact that when it comes to situations like this, there will always be a perfect storm of factors and attributes we need to consider before going ape shit. YES, getting fired up for your country is a good thing. But always and forever, losing your head over a scenario that you don’t fully understand means blindly driving the car full speed into a wall (a Mexican wall, preferably) and killing the people who rode along.

Vigilance always and in all ways.

I’m right there with you in saying that President Duterte isn’t perfect. But today, goddammit, he was right. 🌱

PS – I love you, America. You’re my 2nd favorite country in the world. From the bottom of our hearts, good luck with everything. Orange is the new black.

Artwork by the amazing Illma Gore. 💎

Short clip talking about China and the US on Mo Twister’s podcast: https://m.facebook.com/story.php…



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