13 Mar GMA is NOT innocent just because Amal Clooney is her lawyer



JUAN SAYS: Those who once persecuted former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo on her involvement in graft and corruption scandals (Hello Garci et al) are exactly the ones persecuting Justice Secretary Leila de Lima for going against International lawyer Amal Clooney’s petition to release GMA in the UN Courts. Thus all appeared in our facebook timelines. Kayo naman, nakakita lang kayo ng sikat na asawa ng artista na saksakan ng ganda, siya na agad ang tama at mali na si Secretary de Lima. Kayo talaga! Not because Amal Alamudin-Clooney is GMA’s lawyer does it make her (GMA) innocent. Na-starstuck naman kayo!
In a report by inquirer.net Atty. Larry Gadon, lawyer of GMA confirmed that Alamudin-Cloony has indeed filed a case in the UN appealing for the immediate release of GMA due to humanitarian reasons and then some. (Read our commentaries here)
Though we could agree with the humanitarian reasons plea, indeed IF GMA is suffering from this illness of the spine, she can be granted permission to seek treatment IF the disease is not treatable in the Philippines. IF this was the case, can the doctors come to the Philippines and treat GMA here instead of GMA going abroad?
But in the roster of the celebrity lawyer’s ‘complaints’ against the Philippine government, we too disagree with Amal Clooney just like Secretary de Lima on her plea to have unrestricted access to means of communication. Why will we give somebody under arrest unrestricted access to phone, internet and email as per what Mrs. Clooney is demanding the UN will decide in favor of? GMA actually is allowed visitors in her hospital suite and obviously communication has been going out because she was able to hire Mrs. Clooney. Plus it’s not as if Veterans Hospital is Fort Knox.
De Lima argues that we have a judicial process in the Philippines, and if Clooney thinks that GMA’s rights were deprived, she should have directed her petition to the Philippine judiciary and not to the UN. The judiciary then should act on this swiftly, not just the plunder case of GMA but all the cases that are pending in the courts. Wag kasing tutulog-tulog sa pansitan! Ayan, nabubulaga tayo ng celebrity!
De Lima calls this a “flamboyant gesture,” and we call it ONE GREAT MOVE by GMA. All it takes is for one stunning international beauty married to a Hollywood actor and a human rights lawyer at that; a beleaguered government; and a people with trust issues with the current president, to turn the tides to GMA’s favor. Yet we are still hopeful that people will soon realize that a glamorous defense attorney does not mean immediately that she’s right and conversely maybe GMA is innocent. It just means GMA can afford a really expensive lawyer. And hey, no matter how well dressed Amal is, many of us thought those white gloves she wore during the Golden Globes were quite hideous. She can make wrong choices too.


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