09 Mar Girl Power? Amal for GMA



JUAN SAYS: Before we jump to conclusions, let’s remember that Mrs. Clooney is a lawyer first before human rights activist. She is paid for her services, just like any other lawyer. Unless she is taking on GMA’s case as pro bono (which I doubt as she would have other high profile cases vying for her attention), as a lawyer she is hired to defend her client, regardless of her personal opinion on the matter. She is not necessarily saying that she personally thinks GMA is innocent- she is just someone hired to represent GMA. And as such, smooth move by GMA’s camp in doing getting Mrs. Clooney to take the case – nothing dazzles and distracts the Filipino masses like celebrities and people married to celebrities. Perhaps GMA has run out of legal moves or is running out of time, Mrs. Clooney is the equivalent of going out all guns blazing. If this doesn’t work, nothing will. (Source: manila.coconuts.co)
According to Mrs. Clooney, the Philippine government has violated several provisions of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.
The report continues: “She wants the immediate release of Arroyo who is detained under charges of plunder over the alleged misuse of Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) funds.” Or at the very least, that Arroyo be given temporary release so she can seek medical treatment abroad.
Mind you, Mrs. Clooney isn’t defending Mrs. Arroyo on plunder charges but is actually fighting for human rights. Yes folks even plunderers have rights especially if they have not been convicted in court.
GMA, as we know, has a bone mineral disorder.
Other things that Mrs. Clooney is seeking for GMA:
– a full investigation of the circumstances in which criminal proceedings were brought against GMA
– the circumstances behind her detention
– that appropriate actions be given to those who may have violated GMA’s rights
– for Arroyo to have unrestricted access to means of communications
– and for the Philippines to amend its ‘non-bailable’ offenses.
In an article in the Tribune, Ninez Cacho-Olivares says that GMA’s continued incarceration is in fact political persecution.

“The Sandiganbayan justices, who have denied Gloria bail and so remains in detention under hospital arrest, reacted to the news report, saying that the Amal Clooney, an international human rights lawyer, does not know what she is talking about, saying that the case against Gloria is criminal, where there is no bail and insisted that the plunder case against Gloria is not political at all. Now that is truly a dumb answer from the justices’ justification of denying bail for Gloria, considering that the same court and the same justices granted bail to all of Gloria’s co-accused. Only Gloria remains in detention, denied even to seek medical treatment from abroad, following two botched spinal operations. Yet they all have the nerve to claim that there is no political persecution on this? That there is no violation of her human rights, not to mention her clear right to bail, in the face of clear lack of evidence from the prosecution.”
JUAN SAYS: We are not for Gloria Arroyo and we believe that the evidences found against her are enough to prosecute her, but it makes us wonder, how come one of the accused Ampatuans in the Maguindanao massacre was granted temporary freedom upon posting bail while the former President wasn’t granted any considering her condition? Stealing tramples over merciless killings? Magulong usapan ito.



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