16 Sep Dinamay Pa Si Lord! A Netizen Reacts



JUAN SAYS: Just like the post of Lorraine Marie T. Badoy, we too were taken aback when we saw this meme on our facebook timelines. While we know that all of us should be dependent on the Lord for everything, we also know that it is not good to make God an excuse for our negligence and our failure to face problems head on. Pati ba naman ang solusyon sa traffic, bahala na si Lord? We believe that we are on this Earth for a purpose, and to some of us, our purpose is TO FIX TRAFFIC! Sige kayo, pag dating ninyo sa langit baka hindi kayo papasukin. Kasi, lintek, hindi ninyo inayos ang TRAFFIC SA EDSA!
by Lorraine Marie T. Badoy
This meme is making the rounds on FB.
And Pinoys make fun of it. But really, how different is the ordinary Pinoy/Pinay from this inept official we are saddled with?
How different are you really who continue to cling to your organized religion past the point of anything resembling rationality?
Might it be possible we are an impossibly shackled people because our minds remain shackled by fear wrought by centuries of RELIGION?
Might it be possible we are easily subject to whims and caprices of the abusive and stupid in power because really, this is where we’re stuck in– what we’re most comfortable with because it’s all we’ve ever known as a people?
So like the abused wife who does not see abuse even when she literally bleeds because of it just because abuse colors her days and is her reality.
And we recreate it in various ways and in all levels of our lives, from the personal to the political. (“The personal is political.” ika nga ng mga sisters.)
Like when we say, “Bahala na si Lord.” as our only game plan.
Or “God will find a way where there is no way.” And other such quotes that we quote knee jerk without the benefit of deep and critical thought.
Or “This is what God wants. How He means it to be.” (It’s always a “He” by the way, and capitalized.)
Or “May awa ang Diyos.” (a favorite quote of the deeply impoverished, by the way. One I kept hearing in the hinterlands of Samar and Leyte and in slums in Manila.)
Or “Sinadja yan ni God.” (God. Favorite whipping boy of the lazy and enabler of the oppressor. Nandamay pa kayo ng Diyos.)
On and on.
No one’s knocking your religion. Or taking it away from you. (Ok, I am knocking it.)
It’s just that you enable the corrupt and you let them flourish because you’re too fearful to set yourself free.
And it is past the point where we must stop a bit and THINK now.
Really THINK.
And finally grow up and be the adult you are being asked to be.
And you would need to wonder why we are where we are. And isn’t it true we deserve the government we get?
And doesn’t it frighten you to have unthinking shits like this shit Garin affect our lives and our destiny in such immediate and real ways?
“There is no coming into consciousness without pain.” says Carl Jung.
I dunno about you but looking at these clowns we’ve given so much power to gives me heartburn.
I am awake now and sounding the alarm.


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