09 Apr Digong Calls Mar ‘Bayot.’ ASAN ang mga nagwawalang LGBT?



JUAN SAYS: In defense of Presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte, Duterte apologist Atty. Bruce Rivera explains the “name calling” and why the LGBT group shouldn’t take offense in it. Bruce may not be speaking for the entirety of the LGBT, but as we read his comments, we can agree on some of his points. SOME.


Here’s the thing though, when Manny Pacquiao said something against gay marriages, everyone of them went out to bash against Manny. But this time around, Duterte uses the “bayot” word to express a point and nobody dares to say anything.

Attacking what the LGBT hangs on to be gospel truth is one thing and using the “bayot” word for name-calling – expressing an indecision of somebody – is another? That or takot lang sigurong mabaril sa ulo. What is it then?

If we can recall in one of our articles about Caitlin Jenner, we were called out for using the wrong pronoun when we were still referring to Bruce in the same sentence as we were using the female pronoun when we were referring to Caitlyn. We were branded to be BIGOTS. But how is this different from Digong’s reference of Mar to “bayot?” Doesn’t it make him a BIGOT too?

While all of us normal netizens are being branded names for NOT understanding the politics behind the LGBT community, while many of us are being attacked instead of educated of the linggo that is supposed to be used when talking about the LGBT, Digong gets away with it because he is DIGONG. So selective na rin pala ang hurt ng mga tao ngayon?

We dare the noisy LGBT members to call out Digong on this. We dare that you call him a BIGOT just like how you branded us and how you painstakingly called out Manny Pacquiao for expressing his beliefs. We dare you to be as loud as you were back then. And if you can’t do it, then you are no better than what Digong referred Mar to be. What did he call Mar again? Ah yes, BAYOT.


An explanation by Bruce Rivera on Duterte calling Mar Roxas BAYOT
By Bruce Rivera

Antonio Contreras asked me to explain or justify Duterte’s calling Mar as “bayot” or a homosexual in the Visayan dialect.

First of all, forgive my candidate, you can take away a Bisaya from the Visayas but you cannot take away the Bisaya in a Visayan. In the same manner, he uttered the “putang-ina”, it is matter of a bad habit of a Cebuano speaker attempting to speak Tagalog. Cebuanos will admit to this, the term “bayot” is both a person, a verb and an adjective. And most of the time, VIsayan LGBT understands this. Aside from describing a gay person, bayot also pertains to a person who is neither here nor there, neither yes or no, neither man or woman. It pertains to someone indecisive or unable to take a firm stand like how the older generation see the homosexuals as neither male or female. So when a Bisaya calls someone “bayot”, there is a double meaning, that is, he may be a homosexual or he is indecisive or lacks the masculine will.

Yes, it is a demeaning descriptive word to the LGBT but if Tagalog is not your first language, you resort to old habits of the Cebuano dialect that is lost in translation. But that should not make Duterte anti-LGBT because of an unfortunate language problem.

Duterte has always been for LGBT rights even earning the ire of the religious groups. He is openly for same-sex marriage because he believes that gays have the right to be happy. Davao City is one of the first cities that has an anti-discrimination ordinance when bashing and ridiculing a homosexual is prohibited. Davao City is one of the cities where gay beauty pageants are officially recognized by the government. The proverbial adage “actions speaks louder than words” is my best argument.

Andaming nagsasabing mahal nila ang mga bakla. Pero may nagawa ba sila para tulungan ang buong LGBT maliban sa pagbayad ng pagpapalagay ng suso sa mga alalay nilang pa-girl. May batas ba silang naipasa na binibigyan tayo ng kahit katiting na karapatan. Si Poe, Roxas, Binay and Santiago walang batas na naipasang direktang pinahalagahan ang katauhan ng isang LGBT. Si Duterte may nagawa na. So do not attempt to erase his track record and make him out to be homophobic just because of an unfortunate use of a Cebuano word.

And who knows….may be he is telling the truth about Mar.

Binayot na pud, Bruce Villafuerte Rivera

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