30 Aug BOYCOTT the politician(s) that INC endorses in 2016



JUAN SAYS: We found this facebook post by Bernard Ong, and we are mad as hell as he is. We are sure that many of you are too. We too have talked about this and wondering if this is feasible. And by virtue of numbers, we think that it is, as long as we will all vote in solidarity. Let’s make our voices heard. Ano, sila lang ang pwedeng mag-block vote? Let’s send a message to the government, we too will boycott anybody who INC endorses. Because we can!
Bernard Ong’s call on facebook:
For eternity, we accepted INC’s bloc-vote peddling & politicians’ pandering as part of politics-as-usual. We tolerated their televised family feud. Abductions of their own. Even their rally at Padre Faura. Those were best left for the courts & proper venues to resolve.
Something changed when INC mob caused monstrous traffic jam last Fri night. EDSA is hell enough on regular hours. That was the last straw. Wrong move. We’re mad.
Now we will closely watch INC – its bloc-voting, lobbying & horse-trading. Same with the politicians who sell their souls in exchange for votes.
Politicians are afraid of them. Binay. Poe. Bongbong – all pandered. Roxas mumbled something about keeping order but PNP which reports to him didn’t disperse illegal mob that caused 6-hour closure of busiest road in the country. Millions stranded.
No major politician has the balls to say what is so obviously wrong. This is the Philippines. When you want something done, you have to do-it-yourself. It’s not enough to vent on social media, we have to DO something.
Let’s do the math. INC = 2.5m members. 1.5m voters. 80% bloc = 1.2m votes. Not as many as you think. INC delays endorsement close to election day. Then makes up list very close to polling results. Makes their endorsement look more potent that it really is.
Here is what we should do. Monitor who among national politicians (P. VP. Senators) solicit & receive INC endorsement. Friends in media, help us find out please. Then don’t vote for these guys. Just don’t. Reverse bloc voting. Impose a penalty greater than what they gain from INC.
I’m sure we are more than 1.2m. Voters who went through EDSA hell last Fri night alone should be more than that. Let’s take our country back from theocrats & trapos.
Share please. If you are mad like me.
(Due apologies to my INC friends. I hope you are the 20% who make up their own mind. This is not against your religious belief. But the bloc-votes for sale business has to stop. It is not good for progress. It benefits a few – our politicians & your ministers – and impoverishes many. Help us end this from inside.)


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