13 Mar BOI finds Purisima at fault!



JUAN SAYS: The Board of Inquiry report on the Mamasapano encounter was submitted to DILG Secretary Mar Roxas. In an ABS-CBN newsbreak, DILG Roxas appeared in front of the media to expose the important points in the said Report. The BOI found suspended General Purisima as the one at fault in the Mamasapano massacre for his failure to coordinate with the AFP, and for giving instructions to sacked PNP-SAF Chief General Napenas NOT to inform DILG Secretary Mar Roxas and PNP OIC General Espina.
The reports are no fresh news to us (read our confusion here). We all know know who was at the helm of all this a few days after the news of the massacre broke out. Who then should have excluded Purisima in the said operations? Who then has the power to tell him “Pare suspended ka. Hindi ka kasali dito but salamat sa inputs mo.” Who then has the command responsibility, has the biggest call to pursue or abandon the operations waaaaaayy before it was launched?
We are willing to bet that President Aquino will still acquit his buddy Purisima and maintain his blame game on Napenas, because he is screwed that way. Sadly, he will be no better than the MILF and the BIFF we accuse of coddling a known terrorist like Mar-wan. The President may not be coddling a terrorist but he is “cuddling” the man responsible for the death of 44 of our most gallant PNP forces. The question is for what?


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