19 May Binays tirades hit each other. Luh.



JUAN SAYS: The endless tirades of the Binays continue as they try, with all their might, to salvage the elder Binays ascendancy to power come 2016. As what they have always said: “this is what they are in power for.”
In two articles published in politics.com.ph (read it here Nancy Binay: We only got P643 million in 25 years)
The good senator defended her father and his wealth saying that her father has millions in 5 bank accounts, instead of billions, as reported by the Anit-Money Laundering Council. “In all our 25 years of working, this is what came to us — P643 million in a span of 25 years. This includes campaign funding,” said Nancy.
Maybe the good senator is not aware that she may just have incriminated her father for plunder. It only takes P50M of unexplained wealth for a politician to be charged with plunder and she affirms P643M gathered in the span of 25 years which as she says includes campaign funds. How on earth would a politician who’s monthly salary is around 30 to 40k a month, be able to amass that much money? The Binays do not have a business that could bring them that much net profits, or do they? Their only career was the City of Makati. Sure Makati is now a city with great benefits for its registered voters and senior citizens, but all these came at a hefty price. Besides, isn’t this what politicians are supposed to do – serve their citizens well? Give them benefits that the city may well afford. Sa laki ng ERA ng Makati, malamang kaya nilang ipa-ospital ng libre lahat ng taong nagbayad ng tax para dito. It is not just the Binays mind you, that made Makati what it is today. Makati has always been the modern day business district since, well, we were born in the 70s. And if you are familiar with how corruption in government works (yep, we were once upon a time Sangguniang Kabataan officials and corruptions starts from there), you will know that the more projects, the more infrastructure a city or a town puts up, the more roads being repaired, the more cake being sent to senior citizens, the more hospital equipment purchased, the more the chances of winning. Oh we meant, the more chances that a politician would be able to “pad” the actual purchase amount that actually goes to their pockets. In my town, in used to be called “10% for the boys.” At alam mo na dapat kung ano yun.
And if people like us who were once upon a time shocked by this practice when we were teenagers (kami na ang bumili ng isang katutak na basketball makuha lang ang ERA allotment ng SK ng barangay namin), Senator Nancy, in her experience as personal secretary to her politician parents would be very well aware of this. Unless she’s dumb. Unless she is naïve. Unless she will be in denial that “this doesn’t happen in my city.” And the birds start chirping here. As the saying goes the fish is caught with her mouth wide open.
In a separate article (read it here: Binay blasts Poe: We can’t afford inexperienced leader) the Vice President himself blasted rumored opponent for the 2016 presidential elections, Grace Poe by saying “I sincerely believe that the issue in this coming election – for the presidency particularly – is experience and competence. Mahirap na. We have undergone and still undergoing so many things that could not have been serious problems were it not for the fact that one does not have experience and competence,” he said.
He may have zeroed in the presidential race which puzzles many of us. Pag presidente lang ba dapat may experience and competence? Shouldn’t it be the default standard for anyone running for office? However, both points were NOT considered when he let his daughter Nancy run for Senator in the last elections. No experience, no competence. Paalala lang. Magkaiba po ang baranggay at senado sir. At kahit senado kailangan din po ng experience.  But this is what they are in power for. Pag sila pwede, pag kalaban nila hindi. Ang labo.
The Binays are making a circus out of the political arena. They have been defending their turf and their road to Malacanang for 2016. In their desperation, it seems that have been making more boo-boos than actually making sense with their defenses. Sending that letter to Inquirer made their camp look more guilty rather than innocent. Iba naman pala ang ipu-publish ng Inquirer, hindi yung nasasaad sa batas. Masyado kayong kinakabahan. Masyado kayong nauunahan ng taranta! And now this. The daughter hits the father, the father hits the daughter. Luh. Bato na lang ng bato, kahit sino tamaan, go lang ng go. Parang bilyar na karambola. Lakas tira, lakas tsamba. Luh. You know what it means when this happens. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Are we running on sheer desperation now Mr. Vice President? Are our mouths faster than our brains that we have failed to orchestrate this mudslinging to how it would benefit us rather than dig our own graves? Sinong tactician ninyo? Kulang sa practice!


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