15 Oct Because Even Gay Couples Need A Tax Break



JUAN SAYS: Before we all become all high and mighty about “marriage” and “same sex unions” branding them as the work of Satan, let us all pause for a while and understand what our LGBT brothers and sisters are lobbying for. To the close minded and close hearted, hear this, they are not asking to be recognized in CHURCH, nor do they want to march down the aisle in a Church who has already set in stone their fates in hell. A civil union is different from a church marriage. Let us digress:


A civil union is established by law to legally recognise relationships and partnerships formed by unmarried couples. In cases of 21 other countries, it includes same sex couples. This law bestows upon them the legal rights that any heterosexual married couple enjoys, such as:

  1. Partners share conjugal assets
  2. A foreign partner may secure their citizenship in the Philippines.
  3. Partners may file join income tax returns and avail of other benefits for “married” couples. Heck, married couples have the same expenses, they be homosexual or heterosexuals. Everybody needs a tax break regardless of gender!
  4. The spouse inherits the partner’s estate in case of demise.
  5. Your partner may make medical decisions on your behalf.
  6. Your partner will receive government benefits and other retirement plan benefits should you pass away.
  7. Because your partner is now legally your spouse, he/she may enter the intensive care unit to care for you.
  8. You have the rights to consent to any after-death procedures, examinations and arrange for the burial.
  9. These are basic legal rights that heterosexual couples have that homosexual couples are deprived of. And just because they have chosen a different path in choosing their partners, does it mean that the law can just ignore the current relationship status (and the reality of the relationship and feelings involved) that they have. And these, our dear JUANs, have nothing to do with gender, nor our religious beliefs and bigotry. You can keep your bigotry to yourself, thank you.
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