26 Mar Ay Si Kuya Pumapak ng Kape!



JUAN SAYS: This audacious statement or even the implication of it reminds us of what we have been saying all along: “umayos ayon sa iyong ganda, hindi yung nagiinarte ka, mukha ka namang paa.” It is with much regret that we apologize, on behalf of Red 1 of the Power Rangers family, that he gave this appalling statement. It is with contempt and much humiliation that we apologize to the late Prime Minister and the person responsible for bringing Singapore to what it is today, for our dear Vice President, with countless charges of plunder, had the gall to even put himself on the same pedestal as Lee Kuan Yew. Kilabutan ka!
If there was one person who is in power today that can even be remotely compared to Lee Kuan Yew, it would be Mayor Rudy Duterte. Lee Kuan Yew said: “I do not believe democracy necessarily leads to development. I believe what a country needs to develop is discipline more than democracy,” which Duterte has embraced in Davao today. Their ways are unconventional, oftentimes bordering on human rights violation, but hey, it worked for Singapore (i.e. lashings for chewing bubblegum if we are not mistaken, and the gas chamber for those caught with drugs), it is currently working in Davao (assassination of drug pushers is rampant and nobody is really complaining). And both men never exempted themselves from the law, unlike someone much more his family, who has claimed the crown of being the Lee Kuan Yew of Makati. This is exactly what they are in power for. Go go Power Rangers!
The former Prime Minister of Singapore has managed to establish a new culture in his small state — a culture of discipline amongst its people. This has become the key component to the state’s rise to become a first world country in Asia. Eh ano bang meron sa Makati? Over priced building?
In her Inquirer column we found out that Mareng Winnie also cringed at VP Binay’s statement. Her column was short of saying: Kilabutan ka talaga! But Mareng Winnie was able to say it all: “wow that has to be the most tasteless, and shameless, use of an iconic public figure’s death for one’s own political ends, in the hope that the glitter from Mr. Lee’s stature will rub off on him.” If we are looking for finesse and class from the Vice President, I think we are in it for a big disappointment. If we recall how he handled the Dasmarinas Village encounter in 2013, we know that Binay nor his family in general is incapable of “holding it in.” We can’t help but stress their family motto: “what are we in power for?” Definitely, ang pagbubuhat ng sariling bangko, is what they are in power for.
Mareng Winnie sums it all up to this: “Lee Kuan Yew made Singapore immensely rich, while Makati made Mr. Binay immensely rich. That’s the difference.” Don’t we all agree?



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