04 Sep Are You Ready for a Duterte Presidency?



JUAN SAYS: If the next presidential elections were to happen today, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte may likely be declared the winner. That, after Senator Grace Poe’s showing of her “true colors” in last weeks INC tantrum throwing rally on EDSA. Let’s admit it, Davao City runs under Duterte’s iron fist. People are scared of disobeying the laws because they know that the punishment that goes with it is not exactly the kind where you can pay off. But it works. For many years it has worked in Davao. When Duterte declared that cars should be running the highway at a maximum of 30 kph, everybody lowered their stick shifts to second gear. Nobody dared disobey the laws in Davao, not even us who used to frequent the place some five years ago. We have left our laptops in taxis twice, and twice it was returned to us. But we did not dare smoke in non-smoking areas no matter how ridiculous it sounded to us to smoke in a place with no roof, even on a hot sunny day! We braved the heat and the scorching sun for a puff. We didn’t mind the sun burn for fear of paying the P10,000 fine which the city strictly enforces.
We know, to this day, that Duterte means business.


But reading on yesterday’s story in Inquirer made us think, is the whole Philippines ready for a Duterte presidency? (Read full story here.) And it is not just the smoking we are talking about.

“Papiliin kita: barilin ko ang bayag mo, i-preso kita o kainin mo ang upos ng sigarilyo mo,” Duterte said.

In a country where people are so entitled thinking that money can buy anything, that they can say whatever they want to say on social media, that so-called “rights” are more important than the basic principles of what it is to be human, are we ready to have guns poked on our balls and asked “to follow or babarilin ko bayag mo?” Are we ready to follow the rules or “swallow cigarette butts?”

And should the Iglesia ni Cristo throw tantrums again, will they be ready for the wrath of Duterte? Walang sinasanto yan uy!
Have our country become so hopeless as to resort to these barbaric ways of implementing the law? We can’t blame Duterte for doing this to Davao, since at the time we were living there, Davao was the killing field of the NPA and other insurgents. And the only way to discipline these narrow minded folks was to enforce barbaric sanctions. But in a country where the netizens main weapon is ranting on social media, will this work? Will discipline be enforced then?
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