06 Oct Are We Just Gonna Talk About This?



JUAN SAYS: This meme has been going around the internet for quite some time and many of us would agree that the point made is very valid. However, this message is not exactly for the “undecided” majority – voters who use their brains to weigh things before voting, but this message (and the other messages that follow) should be passed on to the bigger majority who choose their candidates via empathy and all sorts of emotions. The fandom mentality is clearly being used by many candidates, and in this case, by Grace Poe. We would like to believe that with this statement, many of the masa voters would STILL vote for Grace Poe just because she is the daughter of FPJ.
Erap ran for president, he’s an actor yes, but he had decades of experience as a politician, although his performance wasn’t necessarily commendable. But FPJ? He had none. A great risk to national security is having a corrupt politician, and an equally or even greater one, is having a leader who doesn’t know how to run the government. Uulitin naming, HILAW PA TALAGA SI GRACE POE. Her candidacy is based on a whim, and we really can’t have that. Up to now, not even the thinking population knows what her plans for the government are.
Sure she is intelligent, but is intelligence enough? We had intelligent presidents in the past, but even that did not give a better quality of life to majority of Filipinos of that generation. We had an inexperienced president in the past? What happened? It produced nuisances like Kris and PNoy.
But is this meme enough? Is talking about it enough? By talking about it on facebook, we can only reach ourselves. And if we don’t want another inexperienced leader to be President, trapos and the like, we must take the next step by reaching out to those who are uninformed or uneducated on how they should vote come 2016. Get out of our comfortable middle class couch and actively participate and make sure the masa understands why they are voting and who they are voting for.
Talk to your yayas, maids, drivers, hardineros. Reach out to manong janitor, manong guard, manang tindera sa karinderya and try to engage them in a healthy discussion about why and how they should choose their candidates.
We have had our money stolen from government coffers, hard earned money that could have gone to food on the table or we would not have had to make all those loans to make ends meet, and yet we refuse to be outraged. We are outraged at the EDSA traffic, but refuse to be so when our own money in government is being used indiscriminately by politicians, or when inexperienced officials woo us into voting for them to a position they don’t shouldn’t be in, in the first place. Many of our presidentiables and vice presidentiables are not fit to sit in the positions they aspire for. Heck they don’t even deserve to be voted upon by one poor citizen of this country. Their bids are NOT for the Filipino people, but ONLY for THEMSELVES. No question about it.


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