10 Nov APEC Hottie Alert: Justin Trudeau is Coming!



JUAN SAYS: Yes we were amongst those who were late for a meeting yesterday because of the terrible traffic caused by the dry run for the APEC Meeting. Temperatures rose, blood starting to boil until we came across this news. Newly elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is coming to the Philippines for the APEC Meeting and yes, let’s all stand up and say: “F*ck traffic!”


Many of us have been glued to facebook posts and clicking on links pertaining to Trudeau. Sure we celebrate with Canada and how his election could change their government and their country for good. But our ogling didn’t stop there. In all sincerity, we are happy for Canada. But to be very honest about it, we couldn’t care less. With our very own national elections coming up in 2016, don’t we all wish that we had a noteworthy candidate whom we will give 100% of our attention to? *Sigh*

He is cute. He is hot. He does have nice hair. WTF! He supports women’s rights (his cabinet has 50% women), and he supports LGBT rights too. (Taka! Halina mga bakla at babaeng bakla, magrally sa EDSA!).
We know, politics isn’t about the looks, but we couldn’t help but compare.
When Justin Trudeau rides the train and talks to his constituents, we think it’s heartwarming and very down to earth.
But how come when Mar Roxas rides the train to talk to commuters, drives a pedicab, directs traffic at kahit magbuhat pa ng sako sakong bigas at sibuyas, EPAL ang tingin nating lahat? Pag gwapo CUTE, pag hindi gwapo EPAL? Nang-aano kayo eh!

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