01 Jul Another Twisted Plot to the Binay Show



JUAN SAYS: We were researching for stories for the latest news on Jun Jun Binay and found this.
Sobra kayo! Ginawa nyong kuhol yung tao! But you must admit, the uncanny resemblance of the suspended Mayor of Makati to that former actor Kuhol is too funny not to publish. What’s worse is the semblance of a Kuhol to how Mayor Binay (and yes, the whole Binay family) has held on to power in the last few months. By now you may have heard the news that Jun Jun has already stepped down as Mayor while waiting for the 10-day order of the Court of Appeals to the Ombudsman to explain the suspension order. Naman, paki-explain pa talaga?
We do get it, seriously. They have made a career out of politics, ehem, making money out of politics (as indicated by the different charges of plunder against the whole family), and it is not that easy to let go. Para ngang kuhol. Pag nasipsip na ng kapiraso, ikamamatay ata ang pagtanggal ng sarili. When one is obsessed with something, when one is passionate about something (be it money, position, career, etc.) it is not easy to peel him off his obsession. Even the obsessee will find it hard to peel himself from what he is obsessed with. Kaya kapit pa more! Yapos pa more!
We are hoping that the latest developments in the Binay Dynasty would make us think and re-think about how we should vote in 2016. However, the whole telenovela of his final speech may have just cut through the hearts of the masang Pilipino. Nancy coming in to his aid (in pambahay red shirt which made her look like running straight out of bed to the rally), mom Elenita (who is rumored to be the one responsible for their downfall), sister Abby, and dad VP. May yapusang nagaganap sa huli. Niyakap ng anak na lalaki ang ama after saying: “hindi pa tapos ang laban,” to the cheers of the supporting crowd. Yes, the very crowd who became unruly and threw chairs at policemen who were just enforcing the orders of the Ombudsman. The masang Pilipino will not see the corruption, yet they will only see the olden tale of “inaapi at nang-aapi,” the loving arms of a father consoling his son who lost every shit that he (and his family) have orchestrated to have and hold on.
This is the very reason why they are in the pits right now. Nobody was supposed to say anything, even though it was common knowledge that one has to pay certain taxes, condo units and building floors to the Binays so their businesses will have no hitches in Makati. We heard that the VP and whistleblower Mercado had an agreement that after their final term as Mayor of Makati. Mercado will be endorsed by VP when he runs for the mayoralty post. Elenita didn’t find this appealing, as the story said, and instead wanted to keep Makati just for Binays. She allegedly threatened VP to bring the kids and all their apos to the US and stay there. It was said that VP, being the family man that he is, had to succumb to what Elenita wanted and forget about his agreement with Mercado. And we all knew what happened next. Telenovela? A good plot to a story fit for the consumption of the masa market. If this is true, then this is all Elenita’s fault. Truly behind the rise and fall of a man is a WOMAN.
Lesson from this alleged story? YOUR WORD OF HONOR GOES A LOOOOONG WAY. Pag sinabi mo, pag umoo ka, kahit walang kontrata, tutuparin mo. Dahil kadalasan mabigat ang kapalit. Wag ka kasing GAGO!
We also think that Mar Roxas is wrong when he said: “step down, you are not special.” We are sorry Mr. Roxas but Jun Jun IS SPECIAL Let us remind you of this line Mr. Secretary, from a very popular movie: “Jun-jun. Jun-jun. Lagi na lang si Jun-Jun.” He feels special sir. Let’s let him be. It could be worse. We could all look like kuhol.


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