05 Aug Another Letter of Disgust to ‘Feeling’ President Binay



EDITOR’S NOTE: Again, we are NOT the only ones pissed. We are wishing that these letters would reach the “masa” voters as they comprise a huge chunk of the voting public. Please educate your help, driver, yaya, in turn they could educate their families in the provinces.



August 4, 2015
To Vice-President Binay,
As early as Grade School, we were taught that the Vice-President should have the President’s back for the sake of our nation.
Kaya nagtataka ako kung bakit mo siya sinisiraan ng marahas. Seems all you do is tell us Filipinos about the supposedly ‘palpak’ governance of Pnoy – lahat na ‘ata ng kapalpakan kasalanan niya pati Yolanda – before segueing to how you will transform the entire Philippine archipelago into a First World country. In six years.
Ang taong gustong tumulong, taos puso ang pagnanais na makagawa ng pagbabago, ay kayang gawin ang mga pagbabagong ito ng hindi kinakailangang maluklok sa pwesto na palaging may kasamang media for the publicity.
If you think you’d be incredibly outstanding as Philippine President in 2016, what exactly have you done during your 5 years as VP – apart from relentlessly campaigning for yourself as President in May 2016?
I sensed your vile agenda a decade or so ago. All those acts of charity, as good as they were at that time, lacked genuineness: you were promoting yourself.
Every opportunity you can get, you grabbed it and made sure you make the most of it. All your ‘help’ in the form of relief goods, rosaries, school supplies, etc., though paid for with taxpayer’s money – yes, they are commendable. If only your intentions are real.
Every single thing you give to poor people, comes with a gratitude reminder. Those relief bags with your name printed on it, huh! Even the rosary bracelets have your initial “B” printed boldly on the cross. Santissima – sacrilege!
When the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee invited you to explain your astounding wealth, you refused the invitation – three times. You said you’ve already been judged by the taong bayan.
Yes, we have judged you – as a pathetic coward! A person who is innocent of graft and plunder charges leveled at him can’t wait to clear his name by telling the truth.
And can you and your family, please, please stop acting as if the Binay dynasty owns Makati? You did not build Makati, the Ayalas did. “Where did all our money go?” perplexed Makati taxpayers silently ask themselves whenever the see the squalid shanties of ‘the other Makati.’
You’ll sleep well tonight. There won’t be a persistent conscience to bother you. Because you don’t have one.


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