04 Aug Anong kahoy ba gawa ang mga anito?



JUAN SAYS: So we were not the only ones disgusted over VP Binay’s own TSONA (True State of the Nation Address), as our timelines were flooded with comments from common netizens of how they felt about Binay’s pronouncements. True, there were some points that we might agree with him such as the never ending blame game of the President’s SONA and every time he has the chance to address the nation. We too are sick and tired of this game and we would appreciate it if we all stop the blaming and start the doing. But what really got to us was that, prior to all the drama that plagued the Binay family, the accusations of corruption and the VP himself refusing to answer the inquiries of the senate, Binay was very much a part of this government. Sa totoo lang, nakapwesto din siya at may power din siya. (cover photo from Inquirer.net)
If we would analyze the fears and the chismis that goes around behind Binay’s winning the presidency in 2016, many people in the know claim that Binay has already started his rounds from way back when he was elected Vice President. He already made the rounds and forged alliances with many of the country’s mayors under the guise of making them “sister cities” of Makati. The city of Makati receives a good amount of budget allotment since most key corporations are thriving in Makati. They are so willing to share these “blessings” with poorer and unsuspecting municipalities in far-flung areas with a good number of voters. We wouldn’t be surprised if the money “donated” to support these “sister cities” came with a promise of spreading the blessings even more should the mayor deliver a good number of votes to ensure a Binay presidency. Eto namang si Mayor, akala niya si Binay ang gumawa ng Makati. If everything that VP Binay showed in his campaign TV commercials were true, how come Makati still has squatters residing under bridges? Because truth be told, it wasn’t Binay nor his “mayorship” who was responsible for what Makati is today. Since Makati has become the center hub of business in the Philippines, businessmen had NO CHOICE but to set up their businesses there, kahit na balitang humihingi ng isang floor sa bawat building na ginagawa ang kapunuan ng Makati. Kahit na humihingi pa ng isang katutak na tax, cut at kung ano ano pang mapang-balat kayong pagbabayad ng mga negosyante sa pamilyang ito na itinatago na lamang nila bilang legal na pagbabayad ng buwis. Wala lang talagang choice!


Moreover, VP Binay hit on the most absurd cases of corruption in our government today. Sandali lang, unang una, hindi ba’t ikaw sampu ng pamilya mo ang may kaso ngayon na ayaw mo ngang sagutin sa Senado? Sandali lang, hindi ba’t ikaw at ang pamilya mo ang litaw na litaw ng corrupt sa usaping ito. At sandali lang, ikaw na nga ang poster boy ng corruption dito sa ating bansa, hindi ka pa kinilabutan sa mga sinabi mo? Anong kahoy ba gawa ang mga bulol at anito, at sumobra naman yata ang tigas ng mukha ng isang ito? Kinukulapulan nga ba ito ng patong-patong na aspalto? Ikaw na. Bigyan na nga ng jacket ang isang ito!

By the way, Binay delivered his speech in Filipino, did Manila Times writers get it this time? Or do you still need a translator? Hingi kayo budget kay Binay! Madami yan!


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