18 Dec Ang Babaeng Masarap I-Botox ang Dila



JUAN SAYS: Her audacity to say what she said is really admirable. Kudos to you Loida Nicolas Lewis. What drugs is she on? Can we have some?


Here is Franco Mabanta’s comment on her recent statements regarding ousting Duterte and replacing him with uh… Leni. We just don’t get it. Ulianin na ba si ate? Have the rich become this entitled and delusional? Money can’t buy everything. Not even a bit of reality.

If this Fil-Am billionaire Loida Nicolas Lewis (who co-funded the losing campaigns of Mar Roxas and Hillary Clinton) proceeds with her plans of attempting to remove Digong from office, SHE WILL LOSE A THIRD TIME THIS YEAR.

This is clear as day and almost hilariously deranged.

The delusion of a rich old widow that lives in New York (she’s worth US$600 million) likely stems from a severe underestimation of the President’s popularity. Simply: she’s out of touch. I’m currently in the process of writing a piece that will systematically illustrate just how loved Duterte is. It’s pretty bananas. All objectivity; all math; no emotion. (Will try to release it this weekend.)

In the meantime, I’d like you to consider our National Hero Ninoy Aquino. Yes, there are people in the Aquino family who I dislike, but I have always and absolutely adored Ninoy and everything he stood for. (Love that dude.)

But here comes the pill — an indisputable truth that the Yellow side won’t swallow with ease. Ready?

Duterte is far more popular than Ninoy Aquino ever was.

If we’re talking about sheer volume of people, it’s not even remotely close. If we’re talking about sentiment, Ninoy is viewed and revered as a great man and hero; Duterte is viewed and worshipped — by the majority — like a god and savior. Get it?

If said billionaire’s strategy is to usurp Digong now and put Leni in power before Bongbong wins the recount, you will see a revolution of astronomical proportions — a (likely violent) movement that will make the original EDSA look like a baby shower for skinny dwarfs.

Dear Loida,

I don’t know you and you’re probaby a sweet person, but I’m just letting you know that you and your friends — the stark anti-Duterte crowd — are the overwhelming minority. This isn’t spite or malice or ill intent. This is merely fact. Perhaps most of you haven’t been able to see the actual score with clear and honest sobriety because you’ve been angry all year? (I don’t blame you, on some days I get upset too.)

But what you need to understand today is that this plan of yours will fail, and then far more people will be hurt, and we’ll be destabilized beyond any decent comprehension.

Back to the drawing board for you, love. 


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