02 Aug And Today’s Editorial is About PNoy speaking in Filipino. Say whuutt?!?



JUAN SAYS: We scrolled down our facebook timeline and we couldn’t help but notice this post from our journalist friend Ivy Mendoza which contains the link of the editorial of Manila Times yesterday, August 1, 2016 (read story here: http://www.manilatimes.net/aquinos-speaking-in-tagalogfilipino-a-weird-affectation/205403/) with her comment: “By far, hands down, bar none – the stupidest editorial I have ever read in my entire life.” Out of curiosity (and reading all the comments under her post) we clicked on the link and decided to give the article the time of day.
For an established newspaper such as Manila Times, we were quite lost why they had to rant about Pinoy’s speeches in Tagalog. As their article suggests: “It may be that this is all designed to contain critics and analysts like our Times columnists, who are hard-hitting critics of the government, by rendering them unable to understand what the president is thinking or doing.”
This got us thinking, is Filipino or Tagalog for that matter too hard to understand especially for “hard hitting journalists” who sometimes themselves speak in the vernacular, that this “issue” would merit the space, moreover the editorial page of Manila Times. Sandali lang. While we were all watching PNoy’s speeches, be it the SONA or whatever occasion he was giving a speech about, there have been no grave protests about it not being understood by the common Filipino, much less seasoned journalists who are expected to be bilingual, writing both in English and Filipino. Diba nga kung maka-react, maka-banat kayo sa dyaryo ninyo ganun ganun na lang? Eh di ibig sabihin naiintindihan ninyo ang mga sinasabi ni PNoy, para maka-react kayo ng ganyan?
We don’t get it. We just don’t. Sorry guys, we are NOT part of the country’s “intelligentsia, who by definition are the educated or intellectual people in a society or community.” We will never claim to be intellectuals nor do we cater to the intellectuals. How pretentious can we get? Nosebleed teh, nosebleed!
And then they wrote: “We are challenged to spend for our own translations.”
Ah yun naman pala. Walang budget. Ok we get it! Moving on.




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