06 May Affected? Our sentiments on your emotional reaction to this TV ad



JUAN SAYS: We didn’t go emotional upon seeing the anti-Duterte ads on ABS-CBN. We aren’t exactly crazy about Sen. Trillanes and truth be told, we still think he is a twat. But that doesn’t give way for our emotions to run on overdrive crying foul over a commercial that could be a game changer come election time.


If you look at the TV ad closely (without bias nor emotion), everything that was said there was based on actual footage showing the candidate at his raw-est. Everything he said there was what he said, be it taken out of context or not. He said it, now everyone has to deal with it.

Many may cry foul about using children, but if you were to look at it from an advertising perspective, as long as the children were not harmed, worked with parent’s consent, worked with adult supervision, and all other conditions were met, then we have no right crying foul to using children for this particular ad. Everybody uses children. Milo uses kids for their commercial. Nobody found anything wrong with that. May mga bata ngang ginagamit sa teleserye na ang mga roles ay inaapi, hindi tayo nag-react. The only difference we see is that, the children in other soaps and commercials were used in a positive advertisement. This one is quite different. It may be a negative TV ad, but it is still nonetheless a TV ad. If you look at it from a non-emotional standpoint, it is in fact a straightforward reminder of how we want the future of our country to be. It has a point if you think about it. Why then are we raising hell for a 15 seconder ad? Kasi hindi nga ayon sa paniniwala natin. Yan tayo eh. Yan tayo.

Duterte followers shouldn’t even be bothered by this if in truth they have the numbers to back their candidate come election time. They shouldn’t even cry foul for using this form of advertisement since it has no bearing to what they believe in nor stand for in the first place. If they are a strong force, as what we have been seeing on facebook (yung bigla ka na lang in-unfriend kasi hindi ka Duterte) then no amount of bad publicity about their political candidates will crush their belief that they will win on May 9 (sabay fist pump sabay suntok sa dibdib). 

The use of black propaganda for any campaign for that matter is nothing new to us. In reality, we use it all the time, with our friends, in our workplace. We thrive on black propaganda. We thrive on negativity – chismis, the art of bringing people down, the twisting of the truth to benefit ourselves. We are no strangers to that.

And as many citizens cry foul over the paid TV ad, it makes us wonder, weren’t we all, at one point in this whole election circus, lashed out on friends, family, among many others because they were totally against our candidates? Haven’t we all used black propaganda – reposting stories about other candidate’s “baho” just to further our cause. Haven’t we all been up in arms whenever somebody bashes our very own candidate just because they felt that they have an opinion about the issues?

And now that it is aired on television, we all cry foul, with all our guts and feelings we cry foul.

We sucked at politicking, why then can’t we just suck this all in?

So pag ang mga BULLY BINULLY foul agad? Yan tayo eh! Galing galing nating mam-bully ng mga tao, kapag tayo ang binalikan ng pagiging bully umaaray din tayo. 

We just had a taste of our own medicine, on national TV this time, and we are just having a hard time accepting it.

Duterte speaks his mind. He isn’t the type who minces his words. He is proud to be who he is – foul mouthed and all that shit. Cayetano announced early today that there will be an anti-Duterte ad coming out today. They knew about it, and truth be told, they are rolling with the punches. So why can’t we?

Masyado naman tayong naging engrossed sa kandidato natin! Masyado lang. 

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