29 Dec 9 People Who’d Make You Stop Complaining About Your Fat Thighs.



JUAN SAYS: The New Year is always the time for changes. It is the time when we list down (mentally or otherwise) all the things that we need to remove from our lives and start replacing them with what we believe is right. But we all know too well that 15 days down the first month, some of us are already breaking our resolutions and start going back to our old ways. It may be a diet, a fad, an attitude or a habit that we are painstakingly trying to break, but we all know too well that it takes a lot of determination to break old habits.


Let the billboards along Coastal Road near Smokey Mountain become a constant reminder of what change is all about.

In their facebook page Church Simplified wrote the following story:

Early last year, Young Focus International approached the team at Church Simplified with the good news that the barangay leaders had offered them the ten billboard spots to use however they pleased. The connection to PerkComm Inc., a local advertising agency, was made, and the campaign POSIBLE was born.

Over the weekend, ten new billboards were installed featuring nine local stories from people within the Smokey Mountain community. These heroes continue to defy insurmountable odds waged by extreme poverty. These men and women of courage did not give into despair, they have fought and continue to fight daily to reimagine and rebuild a better future for them and their families.

It is our hope that their stories would serve as an inspiration to the communities in the area, as well as to all of us; to remind us that we should never lose hope, and that the darkness cannot keep beautiful things from happening. That they only serve as fertile ground for the emergence of grander stories.

Some messages featured on the billboard:

  1. Positive change can be made despite the many trials of life. Here are our friends from our own barangay who prove that it is possible.

  2. It is possible to overcome poverty through education.

  3. It is possible to prepare healthy meals on a small budget.

  4. It is possible to teach the youth good values.

  5. It is possible to avoid early pregnancies and focus on goals for a brighter future.

  6. It is possible to give up vices that can harm one family.

To us JUANs, change is necessary. We will never know what we can do until we take that first step. We will never know what we can accomplish until we focus our eyes on the goal and work our way towards it no matter the odds. Let these people serve as an inspiration for us in 2017. They have beaten the odds, and they continue beating them every single day. So as you try to slip down to go back to the old, think of the billboards as ask yourselves: what’s your excuse?

Our problems and our self-absorption have become puny compared to the plight of these 9 people. Your fat thighs, your thigh gap problems, and even your goals of having a celebrity status have been reduced to shallow if you just try to get to know the obstacles and hardships that these people have mustered to overcome. For 2017, would it be possible to put “everything is not about ME,” on top of your resolutions list?

Mga mamayan ng Smokey Mountain ng Tondo, ninais na makaahon at magkaroon ng mas maayos na buhay. Nag-isip. Tumayo. Ginawa ng walang humpay. Ikaw JUAN? Ano na bang ginawa mo para maging mabuti at marangal ang buhay mo?


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