24 Aug 60 Days of Du30: Actions Speak Louder Than Words



JUAN SAYS: We found this facebook post by Mark Lopez worth publishing. We too are tired of overtly critical people who have nothing better to say or do than to criticize everything that our new President is doing. We all wanted change, and sometimes some things gotta give.


In a nation full of hypocritical rightists, pretentious moralists, and deceitful public servants, I’d take a foul-mouthed, uncouth and disgusting president anytime of the day, including Sundays and Holidays.

And I actually don’t care if I am labeled a tard or be lumped in the same mold of that man, I am taking comfort in the distasteful words and action that he is spewing against criminals, plunderers, traitors, oligarchs and all those who betrayed the public trust. I am relishing every curse, every accusation, every revelation of wrong doing.

Because deep within me, I am cursing and accusing as well. Because whenever I look around, I see the effect of neglect, of ineptitude, of pure rhetoric and hollow accomplishments, of empty promises, and plain callousness.

I am tired of all the bullshit of politicians pretending to be statesmen when they are nothing but plain plunderers. Evidence? Just look around – traffic, crime, urban decay, dilapidated infrastructure, floods, long lines, migration, poverty, inequality, and waste of resources.

And I am so wary of pseudo crusaders, fake thought leaders, pious pastors and deceptive opinion makers. They who impose their version of what is true or what is right are no better than trolls or mongers.

And due process is a catchphrase that is ideal in utopia. In our real every day living, it is nothing but a shield of the powerful against the powerless, and a cover of cowards who cannot take responsibility for their action. In our world, “due process” is the tool of sly and savvy lawyers from elite schools to play around and make a mockery of real justice.

We have had due process for decades. What it did is make the rich richer, the poor poorer, and justified the injustice.

I did not vote to look for perfection, for decency or to exalt a presidency. I voted for a leader who recognizes what my country has become, and change it to what it should be. A leader who is emphatic of what people have endured and suffered for so long, and wants to act on it.

A leader who is willing to kill and be killed, just to clean up the mess that incompetence and greed left behind for so long.

We have suffered far more than we have to as a nation.

Enough is enough.


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