18 Mar 2 Women Who Made Our Day



JUAN SAYS: After the backing down of Nina Ricci Alagao from her statements against the hosting of Toni Gonzaga, the questionable acts of Mich Liggayu during the hospitalization and demise of Jam Sebastian, and well, Kris Aquino for being herself; we thought that there was no point of celebrating womenhood this March. Who would want to when all you see are women chewing their words when you needed them to be a hero; women who for crave for attention at the expense of their loved ones; and women who just bring everything to herself because she thinks she is the center of the universe. We thought we were done with women and that there was no point in publishing anymore articles that put women in a pedestal. Para saan pa, eh hindi rin naman maiintindihan ng tao! Then came two women who made our day today.
GRACE POE: Senator Grace faced the media today sharing her committees findings on President Aquino’s responsibility in the January 25 Mamasapano incident. Just when everyone seems to be covering up for the President (Secretary de Lima saying that there is no chain of command in the PNP WTF!), Senator Grace comes in no better time. She secured 14 signatures of other senators, some of which were known allies of President Aquino, for the report to be submitted to the plenary for either adoption or rejection. At the very least, we can say that the senate probe under Senator Grace was a big step to awakening the Filipino people in what is actually happening in the country today. It took one woman and the backing of her senator-colleagues to expose what needs to be exposed to the Filipino people. She may not be one Miriam Santiago who has a feisty way of bringing to light the many issues that every Filipino must digest, but her calm and collected demeanor coupled with her passion for the truth has brought us to feel that at least in the senate we have leave leaders whom we can still trust and look up to. We love you Senator Grace!
NORA AUNOR: PNoy may have junked her nomination as National Artist but this hasn’t stopped Nora Aunor from winning more best actresses awards both here and abroad. Beyond her acting abilities, Nora took a stand today and took to the streets (nevermind the heat and the possibility of being mobbed by fans) her indignation towards the government most particularly at President Aquino. And NO, this is not her retaliation for the National Artist brouhaha, but rather a personal disgust (who isn’t?) and call for Aquino to resign. Though we do not necessarily agree with Nora on this issue, we are still commending her for taking a stand and sticking by it, no matter what Kris Aquino would do. Unfollow Nora? Bash Nora on TV? Do you think the REAL SUPERSTAR cares? Magsumigaw ka pa parang sa Feng Shui, tanungin mo kung meron pang paki sayo si Nora.


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