12 Mar 2 Keypoints in blaming Napenas that doesn’t make sense to us



JUAN SAYS: Does anyone in his right mind still believe anything that comes out of PNoy’s mouth? We DON’T.
From the first day of the Senate hearing on the Mamasapano tragedy, it was already evident that the President will wash his hands on his people. It was evident that the President will save the ass of his BFF General Purisima. At nagkatotoo nga. In last Monday’s ecumenical meeting with Christian Church leaders (why the Catholic priests were not invited was puzzling too. Aren’t they Christians as well?), PNoy lambasted former SAF Chief General Napenas and played the blamed game for the gazillionth time.
In his speech, PNoy held Napenas responsible for two things in particular: A. the failure to coordinate with the military and his police superiors as supposedly ordered by the President; B. the failure to abort the mission when indications the operational plans may lead to “Mission Impossible.” And according to the President, these were ALL Napenas fault. Not his. Not Purisima WHO was still part of the game plan giving advice and not orders (whatever that meant).


  1. The Failure to coordinate with the AFP and PNP Superiors

During the Senate probe Napenas told the senators that during a meeting at Bahay na Pangarap (the residence of the President), the suspended PNP Chief instructed him NOT to notify the AFP Chief, DILG Secretary Mar Roxas and PNP OIC General Espina.

Point 1: The inclusion of Purisima is the beginning of the downfall.

Present during the meeting were: the President, Purisima, Napenas, PNP Intelligence Group chief Fernando Mendez. Napenas informed the President that the mission should be kept from the military because the Armed Forces had been compromised. Napenas insight was based on previous missions against Marwan that were coordinated with the military, and were always being aborted.
PNoy’s conviction? To talk to Purisima in private.
Here is where the battle plan started to fall apart. Upon meeting with Purisima in private instead of giving a decisive command right then and there, the President created an air of uncertainty, plus the fact that the suspended Purisima was included in the equation. Senator Miriam was right all along: “Bakit ka salita nang salita? Bakit di ka manatili sa estate mo sa Nueva Ecija. Kung di ka siguro sumali, buhay sila,”
After the Aquino’s meeting with Purisima, the suspended chief told Napenas to inform Roxas and Espina about the mission AFTER it was launched. Purisima also said that HE would be the one to inform AFP Chief of Staff Gregorio Catapang.
Maliwanag diba? Advice or instruction, this is clear in Napenas head. Purisima, though suspended, took the responsibility to coordinate/inform/instruct/give advice (what phrases do you want us to use) with the AFP. If you were in Napenas shoes where you are 4 ranks below Purisima would you say: “Sorry sir but you are on suspension. I couldn’t possibly follow your advice/order/instruction?” The mere fact that the President included Purisima in the whole planning of the operations, would mean that the President has that much confidence in Purisima. Diba no brainer? Oh bakit ngayon kasalanan ni Napenas?
Why include Purisima when he was already suspended in December? If the President wanted mere advice, he could have met Purisima separately prior to the January 9 meeting. Or he could have set the ground rules first. He could have said to Napenas: “You take your instructions directly from me, not him (Purisima). He is just here because he knows everything about Marwan.” Eh di maliwanag sana. Napenas was left on his own. He was running like a headless chicken, with no leader to defer to. He was a lost commando.

Point 2: Napenas was not in direct contact with the President. Purisima was.

In a 23-page transcript of the text messages of Napenas during the January 25 operations, he was not directly texting the President the information from the ground. He texted all others which most importantly included Purisima but NEVER the President.
Paano ka nga ulit niloko ni Napenas? Please explain exhaustively. We are confused.

2. The Failure to abort the mission


In his statement PNoy said: “Maraming wishful thinking si Napenas as opposed to reality. Maliwanag sa akin: binola niya ako,” The President said Napenas could have aborted the mission when it deviated from the plan but the SAF commander still pushed through.
We are not from the military, nor are we familiar with Military protocol and tactics. But in a regular setting like in our companies, you do not JUST abort a mission/plan/project/whatever else you want to call this without prior approval from the head. In this case, there was no head.
If Purisima had the balls to stand in as head even if he was suspended, it was his call to make not Napenas. If PNoy was awake and monitored the whole operation (knowing that 400 of your troops would be entering a “no man’s land” would you turn your cellphone off? NO! You would be awake the whole night on your knees, praying. Wouldn’t you?), he should have been the one to call it off. That is called command responsibility. Para naman tayong sirang plaka nito.
Pero tulog siya. Tinulugan niya ang mga tao niyang itinaya ang buhay para sa kaligtasan ng mga mamamayan. Tinulugan nya. Nahuli siyang ‘tulog sa pansitan.’ Nakakaloka!

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