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Welcome to the Home of the Chrome Divas


Chrome Diva Ira Clare Reyes, owner of the Chrome Divas Pole Dance and Fitness Studio, teaching hoops.

Photos by Abdul Malik
Video by Dempster Samarista

The day we opened the studio was the day we opened our homes to everyone. Here is our shared passion for pole dance and aerial arts.

It wasn’t a long time ago when I decided to re-train myself for pole. The passion for pole was lost upon the death of my mom last September 2014. After all, my mom was my first audience, my first clapper, and she has said repeatedly, she is my number 1 fan. I finished my recital a month after she was buried thinking that I would be bowing out of the performance scene after this. There was no purpose, no reason why I would want to pole again. Truth be told, I lost my reason to live.



Chrome Diva Annrose Villaruel

My friends tried to encourage me, urging me to come to pole class with them. I tried to dance again, but even dancing lost its’ meaning to me. After all, I only danced because it was a passion that I shared with my mom.

In March of this year, Ira Reyes– a woman I used to dance with asked me to dance for her in a showcase that she will be choreographing for Pole Cats. I obliged thinking that Ira never asked any favors from me back then and why would I say no now. I desperately wanted to hide the pain I still felt upon losing my mom. With urging from my close friend Annrose Villaruel, I danced for Ira.


11952852_1498013973844653_5601517606801723367_oLittle by little, my friends noticed that I was sulking in depression. They couldn’t reach me even if they messaged me repeatedly on my facebook. Annrose decided that she had enough of my drama. She spoke to Ira suggesting that maybe I too could train with them in Ira’s home.

Slowly, the achievements of tricks that I could never accomplish has ignited the fire once more. I started looking forward to Wednesdays because it was pole dance training day. I didn’t mind hurting. It was a healthier alternative to slashing my skin, that juvenile thing that I used to do when I was younger. I endured the pain.

The idea of having a pole dance studio was a long dream of Ira’s. After a few sessions, she shared it with me. I was excited for her. I was excited for all other women who like me, are looking for alternative ways to heal from depression or just to do something for themselves. If Ira helped me out of the pit hole, then maybe many women like me would be helped too.


Chrome Divus Linc Dojillo

In my heart, Chrome Divas is more than a pole dance and aerial arts studio. It is my home. Our home. A sanctuary where we can lose ourselves and be free even for just an hour or two. Chrome Divas is more than just another business. It is our hearts poured out for everyone who have the courage to step into the studio. As we opened our doors to everyone wanting to learn pole dance and aerial arts last September 26, I know that we are already opening our hearts to everyone. We share more than just our knowledge, our experiences in pole dance. We share our life passion with everyone.

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