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The Way to Perfection is Progress


It wasn’t an overnight thing you know, learning how to invert. Just like many things in life, learning how to invert properly and beautifully was a process. It took me many years of telling myself that one day I will be able to hold my butt up against the pole as I try to mount the pole the way polers do. And as any #fatgirlwhopoles would understand, it is not that easy especially for those who have no upper body strength and a butt with the weight of a container van. And I say that lovingly to myself and to every heavy weight poler who are trying to invert.

You squeeze your strong arm against the pole and pull your whole weight up with your back muscles. How the hell do you do that? You engage your core, you squeeze your back then when you are up in the air, open your legs to a boomerang and stay there for what seemed to be forever.

Indeed it was a journey.

Two years prior to this week, I was working on my invert. For a performance in 2013, I was trying this doubles pose with my friend Annrose. And because my butt had a mind of its own (it just kept falling and falling every time I tried), our teacher Daniel Genuino helped me stay on that pose by pushing my butt up as we smiled for the picture. Two years after, with a lot of inverts training, core training, and tons and tons of sweat and tears, we were able to do it #legit!

As I have learned, training is one thing, technique is another. You can’t just mount the pole any way you want to. There is a proper way to doing things and technique, broken down by a seasoned instructor is really the way to go.

So who says #fatgirlwhopoles can’t do a proper invert? We can. If we persist, we can do it!

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