The Road to Jade Split


FB_IMG_1433583482819My mentor/coach/friend Chrome Divas Head Ira Clare Reyes woke up knowing that THIS IS THE DAY that I will be able to make that 180 degree jade split. And I woke up determined to nail that trick!

After much coaching and support from Ira and Annrose Villaruel, I was finally able to NAIL IT!

This particular trick involves pulling your right leg towards your left shoulder while pulling your left leg from the top to a 180 degree angle, and a lot of prayers that your whole body weight would be held up by your right leg pressed on the pole. Does it hurt? A lot. Would I do it again? I would. Nothing in this world is worth achieving if it doesn’t hurt you that much, right?

But today, it was more than just the jade split that I was able to learn. More than anything I realized that nothing can stop a determined heart and soul.

I look heavy, heck I am heavy. But not even gravity, not even the odds of being fat can stop us from achieving that elusive trick. We cried right after I climbed down the pole. I was proud of myself. I know my teachers were too. It was a great feeling that your teachers have confidence that YES YOU CAN! Even when I was giving up on the trick, they refused to give up on me. And look at what we achieved!

In life we must know that we are not alone, that there will be people who will help us achieve our goals and there will be people who will celebrate our victories, and there will be people who believe in us more than we sometimes believe in ourselves.

This achievement is for all the people in my life who believed in me during those times when I didn’t believe in myself. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you.

To those who are cheering me on! Thank you! All of you are the true ROCKSTARS! You inspire me to do better!

Yes, I am exhausted. Happily exhausted! CHEERS TO ACHIEVEMENTS and great company that surrounds you! – Sisa

PS. look at IRA’s face. Priceless. Haha


Here is Teacher Ira demonstrating the Deville, a harder variation of the Jade Split

DID YOU KNOW THAT: The Jade split was named by Jamilla Deville using the first 2 letters of her first and last name. Jamilla is a legend in the pole industry.


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