More than a Broken Doll


This is the trick where I injured my rib because I was kinda stubborn wanting to go down the pole right after I did the trick. If there was one lesson I learned today, it is this: we learn from our mistakes and we face that which hurt us, no matter how crippled it left us to be. We pick ourselves up from the hurt, do it again and more gently the next time around. Because you will never know what you could do if injuries, past hurts or otherwise would shove you in a corner without mounting that pole again.
#BrokenDoll #FatGirlWhoPoles #Gettingpastthehurt
This is for second chances, for getting up and doing it again. This is for broken people. This is my favorite trick because it reminds me that “broken” can be the most beautiful thing in your life.
Salamat sa encouragement and support. #hugot.
NOTE: The commentator of this post is Annrose. Please forgive the “too much talking.” haha.

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