Look I’m Flying!


It took some time for me to build the strength of my legs. It had to be the other way around – getting the stability of my scorpio leg first before we were able to develop the stability of my gemini leg (which is weird if you are a poler because you learn the gemini first before scorpio). It took me sometime to build the confidence I needed to work on this trick with NO HANDS.

A friend once told me that he is awaiting for me to shout out: “look Ma, NO HANDS.”

And I just did.

Pole has taught me to be patient with myself. Not because I was strong 2 years ago does it mean that I am that strong today considering the fact that I am an on and off poler. But achieving this trick has taught me that some things are worth waiting for. In many things in life we need to go through strength training and confidence building so we maybe able to achieve the things that we have been waiting for all our (pole) lives. It takes a certain amount of pain, failure and heartbreak before we finally reach our goal. But if we go through it, if we are willing to give it a try, to practice, to be patient with ourselves and do it one step at a time, then in the end it will all be worth it.

What is a DIVA without her inner GODDESS? What is a DIVA without the lightness of a BIRD?

Here’s to patience. Here’s to the things that are worth waiting for! :-)

This is a recording of how the Chrome Divas cheer for each other when we achieve a trick that we all despise to do out of fear. Cheers like these make you fearless!

Thank you Lord for our cheering squads. Seems like we won in the lottery right? Only BETTER! Whatta feelin’!

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