I Want It That Way


If there is one thing that a special guy hasn’t done for me, it is THIS. We might find it funny or corny to have someone dance for us to get our attention, but like this cashier right here, it is exactly what people like me need to make me smile. It is not just about the rock solid abs, nor the moves, but it is about putting in the effort. And effort is sexy.

I know many women would agree that they’d want this too, for Christmas, for Valentines and yes, even for their birthdays. So I say this to the men out there, stop thinking what to give that special girl for her birthday and start working on those moves. Working out wouldn’t hurt too. We’d take this any time. Any day! Coz we really want it THAT WAY!

P.S. My birthday is on Friday. Maybe somebody can make his own rendition of this and send it to me! Haha.

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