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Dreaming About the Closed Allegra


closed allegra2CLOSED ALLEGRA. They say that DREAMS remain as such when you don’t work for it. It wasn’t exactly the ultimate goal of my pole journey, but you see, I have been working on my pole dancing for a good number of months now. I once tried this trick and just gave up thinking I would never be able to do it since I do not have a bendy back.

Few years hence, here I am, not knowing that I was ready to conquer this “impossible trick” — coming from an injury which I can still feel until today. But here I am, doing my version of the CLOSED ALLEGRA in two poses. One with bare feet and the other with stripper heels.
I guess this is what dreams are all about. You don’t work towards very specific trick as a goal, but you work on a macro vision — in this case to be the best poler that I can be. We do it according to how our bodies respond and never base it on how your classmates are progressing. Your progress is all up to you.
closed allegra1Who ever said I was ready for the closed allegra. I never thought I was, until I just did it. Not because I thought I could, but somebody believed that I can.
Sometimes it takes someone else to push you out of your shell, to make you believe in yourself when no one else believes. Thank you to the Chrome Divas most especially to my mentor/friend Ira Clare Reyes for knowing my strengths more than I know myself. And that my friends, is a mark of a good teacher!
#FatGirlWhoPoles right here and eager to train with all of you.


NOTE: That’s me, training for the closed allegra for the nth time. And my foot is cramping!

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