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The Way to Perfection is Progress


It wasn’t an overnight thing you know, learning how to invert. Just like many things in life, learning how to invert properly and beautifully was a process. It took me many years of telling myself that one day I will be able to hold my butt up against the pole as I try to mount […]

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More than a Broken Doll


This is the trick where I injured my rib because I was kinda stubborn wanting to go down the pole right after I did the trick. If there was one lesson I learned today, it is this: we learn from our mistakes and we face that which hurt us, no matter how crippled it left […]

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Dreaming About the Closed Allegra


CLOSED ALLEGRA. They say that DREAMS remain as such when you don’t work for it. It wasn’t exactly the ultimate goal of my pole journey, but you see, I have been working on my pole dancing for a good number of months now. I once tried this trick and just gave up thinking I would […]

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The Thing About Comparisons


Loving this post from Lux Atl, a pole dance teacher and performer: Pole. Let’s keep it in perspective.   Social media can seem like a pole tricks arms-race, can’t it?   I have students that are not even a year into poling already distressed that they can’t do a flying cartwheel into a Iron X […]

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Look I’m Flying!


It took some time for me to build the strength of my legs. It had to be the other way around – getting the stability of my scorpio leg first before we were able to develop the stability of my gemini leg (which is weird if you are a poler because you learn the gemini […]

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The Road to Jade Split


My mentor/coach/friend Chrome Divas Head Ira Clare Reyes woke up knowing that THIS IS THE DAY that I will be able to make that 180 degree jade split. And I woke up determined to nail that trick! After much coaching and support from Ira and Annrose Villaruel, I was finally able to NAIL IT! This […]

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The First Time


The first time Chrome Diva Sisa (Maan Ilustre) encountered the pole was in 2008 when the pole was incorporated in the concept for the biggest annual show of her former men’s magazine which involved 50 of the best models and celebrities in the Philippines. She was then its Managing Director. Little did Maan know that […]

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