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About Sisa Zaragoza


I am fat and I pole. I have low tolerance for pain and I pole.

I have weak arms, core and upper body and I pole.

I am an editor, writer and the crazed media beeyotch of and I pole.

I am a Christian and I pole. I have a brother for a Senior Pastor and I pole.

I have a conservative family who drove me nuts because of pole, yet I pole.
I too get hurt, depressed, obsessed. I have drama in life and episodes which I’d rather forget, and I pole.

I pole because I want to. Someday I’ll say I pole because I can.

Tell me, what’s your excuse?

I am ‪#‎theFatGirlWhoPoles‬ – Sisa Zaragoza

Let’s pole together! See you soon!


2nd Floor President’s Arcade, President’s Avenue, BF Homes Paranaque City

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