20 Aug Will You Fu** Your Best Friend?



One question arose during one of the meetings/brainstorming session of the JUAN team. A question that may have crossed our minds time and again but have managed to dismiss due to the awkwardness of the very thought of, well, just even thinking about it. But there will always be questions that need our answers or at least questions that we should take a stand on, especially when the need to answer them arises.


“Will you do your bestfriend?” asked one from the team. Admittedly, we all had to stop and look at each other. “Have you ever thought of fucking your bestfriend?” a qualifying question was thrown again.

Come to think of it, that question would really come as a good article for JUAN, being the website that tries to answer difficult questions (wag lang talaga MATH!) for the enjoyment of the readers. So would we? Should we at least try or consider having relations with your bestfriend for the heck of it?

As I tried to write this piece, I couldn’t help but make a retrospect of my life. Was there ever a time that I thought of this? Was there ever an experience so strong with my male bestfriends that I so wanted this to happen?

I have always been a firm believer that there is a big reason why men and women would “downgrade” their relationship to just being friends. Surely if people were this close, there had to be some sort of attraction to them. Calling one your bestfriend would truly mean something more than just normal interactions between a girl and a guy. Being called bestfriends would mean that you have shared something together, that you trust this person more than anyone else among your circle. There must have been something there that never progressed that’s why you are just “the best of friends.”

As I have always said, being bestfriends is just a surrogate relationship for something that can’t be or shouldn’t be, or would never be, for countless of reasons. And while one enjoys the company of the other, someone, somewhere along the way was bound to fall, or that someone has already fallen. Sadly, the other half of the so-called “friendship,” can’t reciprocate whatever the former was feeling. Yeah it sucks. Sucks to be so close to someone yet you know that you will never have him/her because they just don’t feel it too. “Well, it’s better than lugaw!” exclaimed one of our girl friends.

But I guess, as you grow older, you become more open to the progression of friendship to love. You begin to understand that not because you have set your mind that your guy bestfriend is just “like an older brother to you” does it mean that he will never be able to “cross the line,” especially if he could.

So yeah, I think, I can consider that. But because he is my bestfriend, and he is one of the most precious people in my life, I wouldn’t do it just for the heck of it. I think I’d like to fuck his brains out every chance I get, for the rest of our lives. I’d marry my bestfriend.

Sabay sagot ni ODAR na saksakan ng PILYO: Ang kaibigan ay dapat na kaibigan. Kaya kung ang tanong ay kakantutin mo ba ang kaibigan mo, lalo na kung bestfriend mo, mahirap yan. Mahirap talaga. Although syempre masarap. Admittedly, naisip ko na yan. Oo na, nagawa ko na yan. and I am not proud of it. Ayun tuloy, our relationship is not the same anymore. I now miss my best friend. Hope to see you again, BROWNIE!

 Nanawagan po si Pilyong ODAR kay Brownie. Kung may nakakakilala sa litrato sa ibaba, ipagbigay alam sa pag comment pagkatapos ng artikulong ito. Maraming salamat po.

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