26 Aug Why We Love Angelica Panganiban



JUAN SAYS: This is exactly why we love Angelica Panganiban. In her latest posts on facebook, she answered comments of fans who thought that her previous posts were an attack to their idol Bea Alonzo. And would you expect Angelica to take this sitting down? NO, not at all. In fact we were happy that she stood up for herself telling people off to get out of her instagram and stop following her if they do not get her humor. We get you Angelica! We really get you!
Moreover, as we read Angelica’s post and checked Bea Alonzo’s posts, there was really no connection between the two. Purely coincidental which can also be coincidental with other showbiz personalities who too are taking a vacation, who too are taking selfies. Minsan may mga tao lang talagang feeling. Lalo na mga fans. Wala pa nga pakiramdam nila inaapi na sila o ang idol nila. Dudes and dudettes. Please put this inside your thick skulls, not the whole world revolves around you not even your idol. Not the whole world is talking about you or your idol. Nananahimik ang mga tao! Nagpapakasaya, dinadamay nyo! Ano kayo? Si Kris Aquino!?



Behind her angelic face (pun not intended), is a big no-holds barred personality, which in a way is refreshing to us compared to other pa-wholesome, “mabait ako” personalities that we see in show business today. Sadly, alam na alam mo namang pinackage lang ang mga ito. But not Angelica. She will say what she wants to say, she will do what she wants to do, and she will speak her mind, no matter what, and no matter who gets hit. Nagpapakatotoo lang si atey! She is that type of girl who can laugh at herself, make a joke about her personal issues (if she has any), and present an alternative humor to the slapstick, that which we call dark humor. And to us, dark humor is always funny! Buti sana kung ibang tao ang pinagtatawanan niya. Kadalasan naman sarili niya eh.


To the language of many, the types of Angelica Panganiban may be regarded as a total bitch. A #nofilter kind of girl will always be regarded as such because in many ways, someone who says it as it is will always push others back out of shock or yes, even fear. But to those who have a heart like Angelica, the strong willed man or woman or people who have no time for bullshit, will have no issues with how she presents herself. Ang nakakatawa lang sa mga ganitong eksena, kapag pala sinasabi mo ang nasa isip mo, at sinasabi mo kung paano mo naiisip – minsan pagalit, minsan pasarcastic, bitch na pala ang tawag dun. Agad agad? Hindi ba pwedeng totoong tao lang talaga na walang oras maging gentle?


This is where the problem starts. We box people in to be the stereotypical girl/celebrity that we were conditioned to see – you know that girl who is prim and proper, won’t say anything, just smile and just be quiet through all the shit that she has gone through. Yet we expect them to have some sort of personality, a third layer of what they are projecting. Yet when we discover that third layer, we box them in, labeling them to what we think they are. And in the case of Angelica or women like her, we like labeling them to be bitches.


We want a third layer, a personality, yet we want them to preserve the normalcy of what it is to be a girl – more gentle in words and deeds. Medyo mahirap yatang i-reconcile yan! Let’s face it, if you want normalcy or your idea of “normal” please do not expect a personality. Magtyaga ka na lang sa flat, sa walang dimension. Dahil kadalasan, yun talaga yun.
Upon eavesdropping in a conversation amongst strong willed, passionate and no holds barred uh, ok bitches, it was reiterated again and again that they don’t appreciate to be labeled as one. In fact, they do get offended when called a bitch, because that word really has a different connotation. But for the many times that they were labeled as such sige na lang, tanggapin na lang, and wear it like a badge. The “bitches” have managed to turn around that label and make it into something positive – a woman who doesn’t care, speaks her mind, a true to herself without being afraid of what others think of her. Bitches have managed to suck it up and take it in, with careful thought on retaliation, or how to retaliate for that matter. But as people have added to that label, bitches are supposed to just take it in and be unaffected. Bawal daw masaktan kapag bitchesa ka! Kasi pag bitchesa ka, hindi ka tao taena!


Exactly what happened to Angelica Panganiban. Just because some fans thought that she was this, and that she was doing something to hurt their idol (tinamaan ang fans ni Bea, pero si Bea hindi tinamaan. Ano yun?) Angelica deserves to be treated as such. In her own instagram account, people felt that it was okay to attack her. Huy guys, kahit artista yan, tao din yan. Nasasaktan. Tapos pag sinagot kayo masama na siya? Masama na ugali niya? Bitch na agad. Nakakatawa kayo sobra!


And you know what we loved the most with what Angelica said? She said: “ni minsan di ko pinangarap na sumikat. ang gusto ko lang magtrabaho.” There lies the difference of someone who is authentic and the others who use the “bitchmode” to attract attention to themselves. May mga tao lang talagang gusting sumikat, gumagamit ng attitude para sumikat. May mga taong wala lang, may in born “attitude” lang talaga. Ang pagtingin niya sa mundo ay tunay na kakaiba. Hindi naman sa nega. Pero sa hirit niya mararamdaman mong natatawa lang pala siya sa mga nakikita niya.
And upon reading the post of Elite Daily entitled: #NoFilter: Why I Will Never Censor Myself And You Should STFU About It, we have learned to appreciate the “bitches” in our lives even more. Yeah dear sisters, thank you for the honest. Thank you for the no-holds-barred-whapak-kung-whapak sarcasm that we badly needed to make us think. To Angelica Panganiban, you go girl, not just for standing up for yourself, but for being true to who you are – flaws and all. We love you even more!
Cheers to you “bitches!”

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