18 Aug Why I Won’t Date Anyone Who Does Not Watch Game of Thrones



By Sisa Zaragoza


There is a certain appeal when I talk to men who watch Game of Thrones, and it is not that easy to spot. Being an addict to the series has become a determining factor for me if I would be able to get along with you or not. Sure it is just a TV series but to me, Game of Thrones is the reality in medieval costumes. Never mind the dragons if you can’t really connect them to the helicopters, airplanes or whatever flying machine that we have on this side of the Universe, Game of Thrones is a true reflection of the kind of people we meet every day.

I admit I will be attracted to men who watch the series for the simple reason that indeed we will have something to talk about. But digging deeper, there is a certain intelligence that one must possess if you were to be addicted to the show. It is not for the faint hearted, the judgmental, and well, the bobo. Read: ayaw ko ng bobo.

Game of Thrones is one complicated “telenovela” to say the least that missing an episode (even those coming from season 1) would mean that you will get lost. Who wants to be with someone who is lost? You need a sharp mind (and ears at that) to process the dialogue between the hated and loved characters. There is a poetry to the script that only the comprehending set would be able to appreciate. The spats, the comebacks, the life lessons are exactly what we needed to hear to remind us that ambition, just like sex, is a part of life. Hindi ako naniniwala na magugustuhan ng simpleton ang Game of Thrones dahil, hindi ito ang kwento ng buhay nila. Walang agawan ng asawa dito at walang batuhan ng balut!

It is one story that only a certain market can relate to. And if you can’t relate the series to your life, then you are not my market.

You would need a heart not to pass judgment on the characters’ actions and how they think and what they do. You will begin to understand how life is exactly, and why people are the way they are. You may begin to say “that’s what I’ll do,” and I won’t challenge that because I would’ve understood

If there is one thing that I love about the Game of Thrones it is this, the last seasons have shown us that even in “imagined medieval times,” women are allowed to play a role, not just any other role, but that of power. As Cersei has said in Season 1, “power is power.”

Any man who likes to watch the series has, I believe, developed that sense of knowing that women can hold power. I believe that those who are addicted to the series are open enough to understand that women have now surpassed the gender roles. Why Arya has been swinging needle to cut the throats of those in her kill list (without wearing tight spandex outfits). Do we cringe? We don’t. We understand why.

All our hearts went to Sansa when she was violated by her supposed husband Ramsey Bolton and all of us cheered as Sansa let Ramsey’s hounds eat him alive in the last episode of Season 6. Men who watch Game of Thrones has by now understood that forcing yourself on someone is an abominable thing and that you deserve to die. Many may hate Cersei for being the antagonist, but really she isn’t as bad as Ramsey. I believe that men have already understood Cersei that she became the monster that she is today because of the many things that happened to her in the past – from a very sordid future foretold, to men she loved who loved someone else. We now understand that people are just “victims” of their circumstances, and we can’t really expect them to apologize how they choose to survive. And Dany? No man would have issues with Dany I guess, and many would hurriedly “bend the knee” no matter if she lets Drogon spit fire and annihilate the whole Lannister army in one go.

Game of Thrones has indeed established the respect for women of character and has taught us that people are flawed. Walang bait-baitan. Lahat kailangang lumaking matapang.

Men have evolved too in this series. A sword doesn’t make a man. Fighting foolishly doesn’t make a man. Most often it is the brains that make the man and not the brawn as shown by Tyrion. It is not important if you are a bastard nor a dwarf, what is important is your loyalty to the values that you hold dear. Jon Snow, we hope is a better copy of Ned Stark. Ned lost his head because he was too calculating on how he was supposed to play the game. Jon should have learned his lesson after he was resurrected a few seasons ago. He was stabbed in the heart for trusting too much. It is true what Cersei said: “If you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.” And death can sometimes be one’s conscious choice. (But then again, I am still not crushing on Jon Snow for some weird reason.)

Who can forget that even through the twisted stories within the story of the Game of Thrones, it still has a moral compass. And any man I believe who watches the series has a set moral compass within. When conversing with them, you will know what they stand for and what they believe in. As Sansa said in the first episode of the current season: one must go about things intelligently. Everything should be strategic. Hindi pwedeng lakas tira, lakas chamba! Hindi pwedeng pusopuso lang.

And finally, I’d like to be able to shout DRACARYS and he would know what to do.



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