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JUAN SAYS: Our facebook timelines went abuzz as Vanity Fair reveals the very first cover of Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner (and yes it is spelled with a “C”). News items, praises have been headlining links that pertain to Caitlyn landing on Vanity Fair’s cover. But what does this say really? Does it mean that we are all in real support of Caitlyn’s coming out and that we are one with her as she encourages all women at heart hiding to be true to themselves? Are we also encouraging those who are still secretly hiding in the closet to #BeLikeCaitlyn and embrace what they really are?
We at JUAN are in support of people who wish to be true to themselves. As Caitlyn has said in her interview with Vanity Fair: “If I was lying on my deathbed and I had kept this secret and never ever did anything about it, I would be lying there saying, ‘You just blew your entire life. You never dealt with yourself,’ and I don’t want that to happen.”
We are all equally given one life to live, and isn’t it too long a time to fake it?
But what made us applaud Caitlyn more was the fact that he was very sensitive about the people who surrounded him with his coming out. It took him many years to fully transition. It was not a spur of the moment thing where he said: “heck I’m gay, to hell with all of you, I will be happy.” We don’t know much about Bruce Jenner’s life apart from what is shown on television, but in our eyes, being a transwoman at 65, with grown up kids at that, took an ample amount of courage, waiting, understanding and sensitivity. We respect her even more for waiting for the children to grow up, have a life of their own. We commend him more for taking the time to speak to the kids before all of these happened. Imagine the sacrifice of keeping it together for all those years while his two youngest daughters with Kris Jenner were growing up? Imagine being married to Kris Jenner? And imagine seeing all those clothes, shoes, bags, make up and what have you that his step kids were using and keeping yourself from touching it, knowing that you could rock it better.
As our title goes: “what a bright time, it’s the right time.”
It was quite selfless of Bruce Jenner to wait for the right time, to wait until his obligations as a father to his children were done, until his youngest daughters were old enough to understand, before he fully embraced who SHE truly is on the inside.
But here is our challenge to all JUANs out there, are we really in support of transwomen and transmen? Or are we just jumping in the bandwagon to say that we are politically correct, open minded, but in reality we are not accepting of transgenders but actually just tolerant of it. Andyan na kasi, kaysa matawag na bigot, sali na lang.
What is it really?
When you encounter a transwoman inside the gym and ask where the banyo is, will you point her to the men’s room? Or would you that considerate as to show her the ladies room? If you find yourself inside the locker room with a transwoman, would you be comfortable enough to undress in front of her? Or will you go to the reception area and ask why is there a guy inside the locker room?
If you catch two transwomen inside the sauna for women, would you ask them to leave or shove them to the other side because in your dictionary, that’s where they belong?
We do hope that while almost everybody is celebrating the Caitlyn coming out, we all too, grow to accept that this society will be filled with transwomen and transmen for that matter. That being true to your heart, that embracing who you are on the inside does not make you a freak of nature, nor does it entitle the bigots to brand you as a sinner for choosing a life where you would be free instead of living a lie. That being a transgender is more than just the changes in appearance, that a dick does not define your gender. We wish that people would understand that transgenders are people too, and they don’t deserve to be treated less than that.
Acceptance is key, not tolerance. It is the same with corruption in government, we know it exists and we are in unison in saying that it is disgusting, but we tolerate it just because it is there.
Search your hearts people, what does it mean when you co-celebrate with the cover, the coming out, and the message of Caitlyn Jenner.


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