07 Mar Top 10 Scenarios If Korina Sanchez Becomes First Lady



JUAN SAYS: We are as excited as everyone is about the coming elections. We are scared yet excited and ever ready for change… or not. While we see everyone from different camps battling it out on social media about their respective candidates and those that they don’t wish to win, we can’t help but think of the different scenarios that each winning candidate may pose. Indeed each candidate brings a “solution” to the age old problems that our country is facing. What we fail to realize is that these personalities come not just with hope, but a baggage that may or may not be good for the country. JUAN is here to think about those scenarios for you. Here is a first of our series of predictions of what will happen in our country should certain candidates win.


First off, Mar Roxas. If by some miracle Mar Roxas bags the presidency come May, we are assured that he comes with a legit first lady — Korina Sanchez. She, for a good number of years have been the first lady in waiting. She was once in a relationship with the current president. Then married the contender for the presidency who gave up his slot in the last elections. Along with it came Korina’s “destiny” to become first lady. The thoughts in her head when her ex boyfriend became president is really water under the bridge. We could imagine her crying her heart out and hearing voices telling her that she should have married the Panot instead of the guy with hair with a lot of ambition. Then again, that is water down the drain.

Today, she faces the battle hand in hand with her husband, the President in waiting (for 2 terms already), and hoping against hope that this time, destiny would no longer play tricks on them. Not if she can help it. Tsinelasin mo na lang kaya si DESTINY, baka sakaling matauhan?!


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