30 Mar The Mess We Ourselves Created, Featuring: The Dramatic Life



JUAN SAYS: The truth is we hate drama, but we say that drama is inevitable. It is as if our doors are wide open for drama to come sweeping in. Well, that is what it is. We are open to drama because if we really hated drama, we would have rejected it the moment it comes knocking on our doors. The thing is, we don’t. We want it. It is what gives color to our lives. The more heartfelt it is, the better.


We are a race of dramatic creatures. We love the pageantry and the roller coaster of emotions that come with it. We like the complications and we succumb to the complications because we want it. Wholeheartedly, we fucking want it.

Look at the situations you are in that are causing you stress. Isn’t it something that is NOT supposed to be there? A relationship that you weren’t supposed to get involved in; a job you never really wanted in the first place; a decision that you stood by even when you know deep within that you made a mistake? If you look closely at your situation, it is your own doing that brought you into this mess. You created the mess, you invited the drama in, and now you are reaping the consequences. Welcome to the life you created.

Choices. Decisions, that’s where it all boils down to. The moment we make one huge mistake in our life choices we begin reaping the consequences. The moment we said yes to that elicit affair, the moment we had our self-respect trampled over by accepting the fact that we are okay with that kind of situation, everything just falls apart. The moment you entered that wrong job because you didn’t earn as much as you expected, the moment you walked away from respect and integrity, is the very moment that you threw your life away. And you know what is sad? When you are in the wrong situation, you are pushed to further choose the wrong things just to cope. It takes a long time for you to recognize that this, the shitty situation you are in, was not how life was supposed to turn out for you. But then again, you are here, and you feel there is no escape. You are just too stubborn to admit that this is NOT the life that you wanted for yourself.

When we are faced with decisions, we always think of the outcome, and never how we get there. We become so desperate as to jump into the next “best” thing even when the option is totally against our morals, even when it is against the will of God. Instead of bolting out the door when the sight of trouble comes into view, we run towards it thinking that it is the right thing to do, just because it is the “only” way towards our goals. How have we become so desperate as not to afford ourselves of weighing all the options? The universe, dear JUANS, does not operate on sheer desperation.

And then there is the issue of society’s reinforcements. As we have observed, society now celebrates the “fucked up.” Society puts premium on the wrong habits and society gives a huge understanding on the wrongdoings of people thereby, encouraging the many to do just that. We put philandering politicians in the presidency, then we criticize them for everything that they have done wrong, morally wrong. As we all should know, if a person can’t keep it together inside the basic unit of the society – the family, how else do we expect them to do better on the grander scale. We idolize celebrities who are rapists and whores and, we apologize for them for their wrong behavior. We celebrate those who have chosen to be pregnant out of wedlock saying that IT IS OK, even when we know that the child they are carrying is borne out of a much celebrated illicit affair. What are we saying? What are we trying to teach the next generation of Filipinos? What are we trying to prove?

And finally, there is INSANITY. As Albert Einstein has definined it: “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.” We must all learn to recognize when something is not working anymore. If it hurts you, if it fucks you up, if it shakes the very core of you, if it alters what you know is right (the right that is not relative, but the right that you have known it to be – the gospel truth), then you know it is not working. If we would drag GOD in the mess you have created, then we’ll let you in on a secret, God will never lead you to do something that is totally against what He stands for. He will never let you walk down that path where He will allow you to go against one or even half of His 10 commandments. It was explicitly written: “Thou shalt NOT commit adultery,” “Thou shalt NOT covet thy neighbor’s wife, thy neighbors goods.” “Thou shalt not kill.“ “Thou shalt not steal.” May mas liliwanag pa ba diyan? So don’t. For the love of God, don’t drag His name on the mess you have created. We were not put into this world to live a conflicting life. We were not born with complications. We are not born inside a shit hole. But if you were, there again is such as a thing as a CHOICE. Use it wisely.

In the end, living a dramatic life is a life choice. While we all have the tendency to open the door even before it knocks, we must realize that we can always turn around and walk away from it. We must let go too of our delusions of having it better when we press on. Pressing on the brakes will never get you anywhere. Pressing on the gas pedal when you are out of gas won’t get you anywhere. It is to say that pressing on to the “wrong road” will never bring you the right results. So we walk our walk with wisdom, and strength to walk away.




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