27 Jul The First 25: What Duterte’s Wingmen Have Done in Office



JUAN SAYS: We know you too were glued on the television as President Rodrigo Duterte delivered his first SONA. Whether you like him or not, you listened in, you wanted to know what this “man for a phenomenon”has to say about his first 25 days in office. You thought there was really nothing much to say: leave it for his “humor me” appointments of B-celebrities into office; save it for the killings of suspected drug addicts and pushers. Is it just us, but have these seemingly bad decisions become a smokescreen for everything that Duterte’s appointed wingmen have done in their respective offices?


Coz it’s a melodramatic country that loves humanizing the criminal while objectifying the slaughter of victims as another entry in the “miscellaneous” section of a newspaper. – Jason Laxamana, filmmaker

Here is a post by Abe Glen that points out the accomplishments of Duterte’s wingmen in their first 25 days in office:

For those (Bam Bam Aquino et al…) who say all he’s doing is going after criminals, please find a compilation of all his accomplishments in his 1st 3 weeks in office.

Regards from Sec. Many Piñol who has distributed hundred of millions worth of farm equipment, suspended alleged corrupt officials, has accomplished frankly more than what his predecessor had done in just a few days. The following also says hello:

– Sec. Gina Lopez who has fearlessly suspended big mining companies.

– Sec. Mariano who literally opened the welded gates of DAR, which have been closed for 18 years to the farmers it is supposed to help.

– Sec. Bebot Bello who is now in Saudi promptly addressing the concerns of our Filipino workers,

– Sec. Art Tugade who has owned up to malfunctions in NAIA (despite the fact that the problem was due to the previous admin’s negligence) and is working to decongest it.

– Sec. Aguirre who is overhauling the BJMP with the SAF.

– Sec. Teo who is securing our country hosting the Ms. Universe Pageant seeking to boost tourism and pushed tax exemptions for travelers.

– Sec. Andanar who has greatly improved the communication capabilities and reach of the government.

– Sec. Dureza who has started negotiations with the NPA, MILF and MNLF.

– Sec. Ubial who has pushed measures to improved mental health awareness and is working on how to improve healthcare delivery and accessibility.

– Sec. Carlos Dominguez, who is currently making it easier for everyone to deal with government by removing red tape.

These are the Alter Egos of the president.

I am teary eyed seeing militants who used to burn effigies of former Presidents now painting murals of peace, aspirations and hope to parade during the SONA.

These are just some of the department heads who have done so so much in less than THREE EFFING WEEKS!

And many other notable accomplishments that are under the radar. No need for big billboards praising themselves for what they’ve done, because they do it all for you, for us, the Filipino people.

We are on the brink of getting out of the mire we have sunken into for so long and yet it’s puzzling that you seem to still want to wallow in it just because your candidate lost.

When so much good is happening and you choose to create negativity, then YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

Pahabol: Freedom of Information act which we have been clamoring for for years was just signed last night.

Oh, and the traveler’s nightmare of bullet planting was fixed by pure common sense on his first day in office.


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