08 Nov The Bad Way to Represent the Philippines



JUAN SAYS: In the recent years, we have been raking one title after the other, in almost every beauty competition that we field ourselves in. We can’t be bitter losers just because. A queen may fall, but it will be her choice if she wishes to stay down. Bruce Rivera tells us his thoughts on the recent faux pas committed by one of our queens, because somebody has to say something about this.


The recent faux pas of someone representing the Philippines in an international beauty pageant made me realize that something has to be written about this.

Let me begin by saying that I have not represented the Philippines in an international beauty pageant due to genetic predispositions but I am candid to admit but I have been watching beauty pageants when Melanie Marquez won Miss Young International in 1979 (before it was renamed Miss International) and never stopped. Recently, I had the good fortune of doing some pep sessions with Cebuano beauty queens like Krestepani Janson and Rogelie Catacutan before they competed internationally. And I am friends with two Cebuana Miss Earth Karla Henry and Jamie Herrell and Miss International 2013 Bea Rose Santiago. I saw how hard they tried to represent the sash and in all honesty, all these girls have represented the country superbly.

When you wear THE sash (Philippines, duh?), you wear our nation’s culture, pride, dignity, honor and shame with it. You should forget that you are that bitch who had an opinion and likes to tell it as it is because if we wanted that, then we should have placed your name in the sash and not our country’s name. Reserve the opinions after you have represented our country.

When you wear THE sash, it is not your obligation to lambast the choice for President of the majority of the voters whom you are representing. That is not freedom of expression, we call that “tact”. After all, you are a queen and royalty does not go beyond the bounds of insensitivity.

When you wear THE sash, you are an ambassador of goodwill. You are encouraged to ease not create tensions. Downplay not highlight controversial issues. Create not destroy alliances. Hence, the term “diplomacy”. Leave foreign policy to those having the mandate to make it.

Most importantly, when you wear THE sash, you are wearing the pride of our nation. You are our queen. When Bea won, it was after Yolanda hit the Philippines. We were hit hard. But Bea never begged for help. She thanked everyone who helped. A real queen never begs. And when a queen suffers a loss, she stands up, smiles regally and returns to her kingdom. A real queen knows when to concede.

Any beautiful person can win a pageant. But, it is difficult to be a queen.

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