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“I believe that one of the biggest problems that our country faces today is divisiveness – in politics, in religion, and also in culture. And I believe that it’s something that is the same across the world.

And so that is something I would want to address. I believe that when people can learn to tolerate each other’s differences and respect each other’s opinions, then we will be a stronger nation and world.”

– Rachel Peters

JUAN SAYS: We are not over it yet! It has been a week we know, but we are still contemplating on the answer of Miss Universe Philippines Rachel Peters that gave her the much-deserved win for the crown. We are with her on this one.


As the world progressed through the years, we all thought that the world would be more open to certain ideas and break old principles and replace them with new ones. But as these truly happened, the world has become more and more divided. While many people are holding on to old ways as new ideas are being introduced, more and more people are closing their minds to the different ideas.

Take a closer look at your social media sites. We have seen a good number of people destroying friendships just because they are on the other side of the fence. We have seen people arguing for the sake of argument without keeping their minds open to new ideas that could in many ways benefit them.

We have been believers of thinking, thinking deeply, analyzing old thoughts and merging it with new beliefs. We have always believed in being open, in accepting people for their different beliefs, that we can all disagree without being disagreeable. Some thoughts could work for one type of person, others will work well with another. We believe that there is no point of arguing because you will never be able to see it from the other side unless you are on the other side. To be open doesn’t necessarily mean that you would agree, to be open only means that you will be accepting, without judgments of others’ school of thought even if it directly cuts across yours.

RESPECT is the key word to her answer. Respect means letting them be even if you don’t necessarily agree. Respect means to take answers gently, taking it with a grain of salt and being open to the fact that it may be temporary. We will never know how people come up with their choices in life and even when we see that it is already a recipe for disaster, we have to let them think for themselves. Some choices, beliefs must be let alone, even when you already know that it will haunt them in due time. We call it respect. We can call it tough love. We have to let people hit rock bottom for them to realize that there is a need for a change. We can’t make choices for people. They can only make it for themselves.

DISTANCE is a respectful way of showing your support. When everything is in chaos, when everything seems to be muddled, don’t stir it some more. Give a respectful distance, an elbow room for people to grow, to avoid any more conflict. You must consider the fact that you could be wrong too under the circumstances.

LOVE without bias, love without conditions. To let go of a conflict and to let things be is to love. Love with courage that today might not just be the day that your minds align, and see what tomorrow may bring. Love the people even when they are in conflict with your ideas because only the ideas are in conflict and not necessarily the people who have the conflicting ideas. We are sure, there are still things that you can agree on.

In the end, to be accepting of another may not be the easiest task. Think of it this way, would you rather have peace? Or would you rather be right? The choice is yours.

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