21 May She too had a string of FROGS. We are hoping this time she got the PRINCE.



JUAN SAYS: Many of us grew up with Taylor Swift. Some of us grew to love her songs. It started with her below the radar tunes that we sang along with when we first started dating and has evolved into a feminism empowering movement when 1989 came out. We don’t know why but we’ve always had strong affections for Ms. Swift most especially when she stepped out of her high profile relationships to create a life that was good for her. In 2014 she was no longer defined by who she was dating but rather she created a life that was filled with ways to be happy even if she wasn’t part of a couple. It was refreshing for us to see that in someone as successful for her and it impacted the importance of being complete on your own (with a solid girlfriend squad) before jumping into anything prematurely.
However, Taylor Swift, as awesome as she is, also seeks companionship but no longer because she needs it. We at Juan are kilig because she finally found someone who was no longer needy, clingy, or a player. Calvin Harris, who is worth as much as Taylor and is a few years older is an example of how ones choices change as you learn to change how you view yourself.
Gone were the days when she would seek after men who only took advantage of her fame or only needed her attention for the validation of their ego. This time around it’s as if Tay Tay finally found an equal.
As she respected herself and began cultivating a life that was hers, she then attracted a man who was just as stable. Now that gives Juan girls who may have chosen poorly in the past hope. It really does start within and it’s true what they say that when you build it, it will come. Go for Gold, Taylor!


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