20 Feb Past Beauty Queen Feels Bad She Wasn’t Treated as A VIP



JUAN SAYS: Oh reading that story written by no less than Margie Moran herself sent us the chills and up until today, we are still wondering is it just us? Nobody on social media reacted to her rants about “not getting the treatment” they deserved during last month’s Miss Universe pageant. And truth be told, it was just about seats, getting invites and further getting the recognition that as she has said, they (her and Gloria Diaz) aptly deserve.


“How entitled,” we all blasted as our creative director shared with us the story that Margie wrote and asked how we felt about it. Truth be told, we were expecting more from Ms. Moran for the simple reason that she wasn’t a millennial. That’s when we realized, entitlement is not exclusive to any age group. If anything, entitlement is a mindset, wanting something that we think we deserve. But truly, how does one become a person so entitled? Enraged by the kind of treatment they got for being seated near the restroom? That could have been arranged IF maybe they spoke to the organizers and asked for better seats so they can watch the entire show and not simply be contented staring at the contestants’ behinds.

But what is the entitlement mentality all about? The dictionary defines it as: An entitlement mentality is a state of mind in which an individual comes to believe that privileges are instead rights and that they are to be expected as a matter of course.

Privileges and rights, most often than not are mixed up even by the best of us. We have become so consumed of what we have, where we are and what should be accorded to us that we forget that whatever we thought we have earned the right to have, is actually a privilege. And privileges are not exactly automatic. Privileges are given to us yet we have to understand that these things are not permanent. Privileges are “one of’s” and “if can be done’s” and never “it is an absolute factual truism.” Sadly many mistake this for the truth, and we at JUAN feel quite queasy about the entitlement of people, especially those who are over 40!

Alam mo yun, yung ang tanda mo na, hindi ka pa marunong magbigay? Yung hindi mo pa ipagparaya ang mga bagay sa mas nakababata dahil hindi ba dapat “I’m done and over with” na ang peg mo? Yung gusto mo pa rin pareho ang billing mo at sikat ka pa rin because you feel you have earned the right to be entitled to well… a chair? A seat? A place in the Miss Universe VIP list, just because. And yet again, this attitude is not exclusive to Margie Moran, and it is not exclusive to the Miss Universe pageant. Nagkalat ang entitled sa mundo.

People from the press have been waving their badges to cops and the MMDA passing through thoroughfares that are otherwise prohibited because their vehicles are number coded for the day. Bloggers feel the empowerment of the internet and social media and ask for the most absurd favors from PRs and companies just because they think they can. Netizens on social media have become authorities on issues just because of a good number of people like their posts. And where have this brought us?

A society filled with crap from adults who act like kids.

WTF people. WTF.

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