25 Sep Kung Makapalit ng Lalaki, Parang Panty Lang



JUAN SAYS: Many of us have lambasted Taylor Swift. Truth be told, a good number of our friends have turned haters from Swiftees to matter how much we explain that Taylor shouldn’t be hated upon. In fact, she should be praised, elevated for that matter, to the stature of a Patron Saint.


While many women of Taylor’s age have their hands full on their men, Taylor just has it going for her. Jumping from one guy to the next is such a very  praise worthy task. Imagine while other women cry and try their best to please the man or be that girlfriend that their man wanted to be, Taylor just boy-hops from one gorge to the the other. And we can’t simply hate her. How can you snag those hotties when you came off as a man-hater when you were on your feminist bullshit episode? Only Taylor Swift can do that. She lived by what she preached alright — gender equality. Taylor shows that even women can be what they, the men are good at — breaking hearts. Sakit ng ulo ba kamo? May pambato na tayo! Si Ati Taylor! 

As she moved from Calvin Harris to Tom Hiddleston and now, to Zac Efron, Taylor shows that every man is indispensable, no matter how hot you are! Yung kung magpalit nang boyfriend, parang panty lang? Three songs in a row! We can’t wait for the album.

P.S. We are on prozac as we wrote our commentary on Taylor Swift. We have become a swiftee through and through. Aja!

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