14 Aug Kristen Stewart: Is She Gay?



JUAN SAYS: What’s with labels? What’s with definitions? And why does the world revolve around putting people in boxes yet having a hard time taking them out of it? In a recent interview with Kristin Stewart, she expresses this, and she is not about to define herself by who she is dating at the moment. As rumors suggest she is dating visual effects producer Alicia Cargile, thus this makes her another woman who crossed over on the “other side.” (To read full story, click here.)
We too have been questioning labels and boxes, and the endless definitions or stereotypes of people finding love somewhere else. We are, to this day, confused of all these labels, colors and flags. Our point here is, why can’t people just love for the sake of loving. And as stories of people falling in love with different types of people have suggested, it isn’t just about the sexual preference, but in many cases people find the kind of love that they are looking for in people who aren’t exactly what the stereotypes suggest. And as we, the world itself, throw in the many labels and boxes to segregate people according to their “love choices,” what we fail to realize is that we add in to the confusion and complications of relationships. Love in itself isn’t exactly that simple.



Pag nagmahal ng babae ang babae, tomboy agad? Pag nagmahal ang lalaki ng lalaki bakla? Pag nagmahal ang lalaki ng transsexual, hindi nila tatanggapin na bakla sila dahil sa isip nila ang transsexual ay babae! Simple lang kapag nagtaas ng kilay, nagtaray bitch na? Kapag pinagtanggol ang kapwa babae, feminist na? The moment we toss people in boxes that we have created in our minds, is the exact moment that we limit them to who we stereotype them to be, thereby limiting their chances to influence us in our lives. Some of those women whom we label as bitches (just because), can give us a more in your face perspective of our lives than any of our light and fluffy friends do. Some of those we regard as feminists, thereby trampling over men just because, can enrich our lives with their troublesome experiences and help us heal with our own issues. And some of those we have decided to label based on their choices in love, can cross over to the other box and teach us what it is to love exactly. We miss out on learning about life from people we have put in a box (and because of those boxes, we have chosen not to associate ourselves with), we miss out on enjoying their company just because we think that they are NOT worth being around with. We miss out on living, and limiting our chances of enriching our lives because of the labels we have made for people. We think that labels are really unkind.
Haven’t we all defined that love should supposedly be all encompassing, and not merely looking at the outward appearance?

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