30 Oct Knowing the Difference Between Being Opinionated and Being An Ass



JUAN SAYS: We have been quiet and have deliberately ignored the many issues and unpopular decisions that our President has been making in the first days of his term as President. It is not that we do not care. Unfortunately, we do. However, we believe that everybody has been talking, bashing, throwing stones at each other that the voice of reason nor the voice of truth will no longer be heard. We have seen post after post of people with much hatred not just for the issues but even on the personalities behind the opinions circulating in social media. It has become a war. A word war of sorts between those who have been critical of Duterte from the very beginning, with those who have become die-hard fanatics who we are all too familiar with. The voice of reason has been drowned by very loud opinions. Opinions, your personal biases tainted with your personal convictions on the issues. And until everybody shuts up, this current circus will continuously go out of hand and be blown to uncontrollable proportions.


Let us take the case of Mocha Unson and her blog. She has been a staple in all Duterte sorties when he was still running for President. Mocha whom we know as a sexy and provocative performer has indeed stolen the show. Post after post she gets to be shared by many of her co-Duterte fanatics, and today she is being attacked for being such — a fame whore who uses politics to grab more of the spotlight that what she actually has now.

Truth be told, Mocha is not exactly a credible journalist. Just like you and me, she has opinions and views which she strongly shares in her blogpost. Mocha is nothing out of the ordinary, she is the same with you and me. She is not exactly someone one should depend on when it comes to changing the world and shaping the country, but her opinions sound more like how we understand it thus making her more readable than the rest. The problem doesn’t lie with Mocha sadly, the problem lies with all of us. For the fanatics, she has become a source of information which many take as gospel truth when in reality it should never be taken in that context for the simple reason that she, as she has always showed it, swings one way. We have always known her to be on Duterte’s side and no matter what the President does, we can be assured that Mocha, much like many of the millions of Filipinos would always see the President as a demigod who holds the key to, well, the change we have all been clamouring for. 

And as for the elitists who have constantly bashed and pointed out that Mocha is beyond herself with her blog, you are just stating the obvious. Patulan ba? Kayo naman, alam ninyong ganun na nga, pinasisikat niyo pa. Being a bully to the bully does not make you better other than being another bully. To put someone in their rightful place is not everybody’s job. It is no one’s job really. So we don’t really get it. 

When people do not agree with our opinions, our mindset, our view of a better Philippines, should we push them to the wall and entrap them with all our personal dogma? Do we continuously shove it down their throats bit by bit, piece by piece, until they get it from our perspective. And what makes our opinion better than that which we oppose? Just because we come from the most exclusive of schools of this country does that make us or our opinions better than the rest of the country. Yes many of you elitists can be entitled that way. Such condescending brats. Talo naman sa basketball.

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