20 May Juice Ko! Juice Ko! Bakit Nyo Siya Pinabayaan?



JUAN SAYS: We know, we are too slow to react. To be really honest about this issue, we are quite puzzled why Alma Moreno didn’t win. It is not because we called everyone on our phonebook and pleaded to each one of them to give a slot to Alma. We were all allowed to vote for 12 senators, and who wouldn’t give just 1 slot to Alma Moreno. It is not because we painstakingly made our very own campaign materials for her, posted it on our facebook timelines and made sure that friends and family would understand why we are rooting for her. It is not because we exhausted all efforts just to let everybody know that we want Alma for senator, that made us react this way. We believe that Alma Moreno was cheated of a well deserved victory.


Unlike Senator Bong Bong Marcos, we don’t have enough physical evidence to support our claims of cheating, but we know this by logic. It takes a little common sense to conclude that Alma Moreno was cheated.

If we really cared about the Senate, we would not be voting for the “usual suspects.” If we go by the cry of the people for change, we would have cared to look at the candidates for Senators and have opted for real change. Alma Moreno is representative of real change, and she ranked way below than expected. Only Manny Pacquiao won a seat that represents the marginalized stupid? We are disappointed in us Pinoys. Where are the names that could bring in the change that we all so wanted? Where is Alunan? Where is Belgica? Where are the Morenos (Isko and Alma)? Where are these people?

We believe that together with those who ranked 13th, 14th and 15th, Alma should file a protest. She was clearly cheated. If her votes were higher than Raffy Alunan who everyone knows served the country well when he was a Cabinet Secretary, why wouldn’t Alma Moreno beat the likes of, uh… those 12 senators who are either considered “corrupt,” absentees in congress and the like.

We know cheating when we see one. Alma Moreno should have been in the top 12 since we are all just voting by name recall. Who doesn’t know Alma Moreno? Seriously.

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