27 Mar JEANE NAPOLES: And so you’re back, from outer space…



JUAN SAYS: It didn’t came as a surprise when news about Jeane Napoles return to the Philippines broke out, much less her apparitions in certain areas like a high end kiddie party place in SM Aura, a posh restaurant in Pasig, among others. We wouldn’t even be surprised if we heard that Jeane was seen partying in Valkyrie ‘til kingdom come. Nothing about Jeane Napoles’ lifestyle would be a surprise to us, not even after she along with her siblings were charged for non-payment of taxes, and her mother being detained for the pork barrel scam. We would be shocked if Jeane would stop being true to herself – a wild spender, and truth be told, a social climber who likes to flaunt what she has (just like a lot of Filipinos who have their own blogs, posting OOTDs of brands that only they can afford). What we are trying to say here is that nothing that Jeane Napoles would do would send us going WTF, when all she has ever done was… well, WTF!
However, there are still some places that we would want Jeane to visit, not just for laughs, but more of an immersion to the realities of life. Life is not about your branded shoes, bags and dresses. How shallow can life be naman!
The Hobbit House – and we don’t mean in New Zealand. Forgive the photo but we were trying to show some soshal factor in the land of the “little people.” Jeane will appear as “the giant” that she projects herself to be, not that those who work in this establishment would care. But what we would like Jeane to see is the fact that there is an establishment that gives employment to people who may not be accepted in other industries due to their height limitations. And that these people are comfortable with what they are and who they are. They serve their customers with much joy that we think Jeane doesn’t have much these days – the joy of serving.
Payatas – JUAN was there and we have seen how people have lived. We would want to see Jeane (and her friends of ‘richie riches’ if she has any) troop to the slums NOT to give money but to immerse themselves in how miserably some people live. These are the actual people whom they robbed. These are the people who were the supposed recipients of the pork barrel whom their mother and some politicians decided to pocket for themselves. Jeane, they should own the bags, shoes, clothes and all the properties you purchased under your name. That bag you are carrying, would have fed the entire family for a month. Those shoes you are wearing, would have given their children the education that they so rightfully deserve. Naligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura? There is always the first time Jeane. Why not take the plunge, now na!
RINGSIDE Burgos/Makati Ave. – Looks like fun huh Jeane? Yeah, we recommend that you visit Ringside along Makati Avenue for some mud wrestling/oil wrestling action. Let us see you earn your keep for a change. It won’t be easy for you to be spending money that doesn’t belong to you after getting out of that ring.
Are we hearing from any challengers over here? Over editor Sisa is willing to take you on, anytime, any day. Para sa mga Pinoy na ninakawan ninyo!
MANILA ZOO – Finally we’d want to see you visit the Manila Zoo. Sisa is volunteering to take you. What happens in the crocodile area is not our responsibility. Sisa has a mean roundhouse kick. Heed the warning!


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