18 May Is Yellow the New Color of Anti-Democracy?



JUAN SAYS: We have seen a sea of yellow grace across EDSA during the 1986 Peaceful Revolution. People from all walks of life trooped to what is no the EDSA to express their disgust over the results of the Snap Elections and further, the myriads of horror tales about the Marcos dictatorship. This mass action has brought about the ouster of then President Ferdinand Marcos, installing Corazon Aquino as the new president. People believed that it was the start of something good for Filipinos. Twenty years under the Marcos dictatorship was just well, too much. Sobra na, tama na, palitan na, was the battle cry of every Pinoy who clamored for democracy. And to express their feelings was indeed the start in a bloodless revolution was indeed the start of something big – and so we thought.


Five presidents later, a new dawn has arrived. The people clamored for an iron fist that everybody believed would bring the country to where it is supposed to be. What is that supposed to mean? If we look at reports from all over the world, the Philippines is up and up economy wise. EDSA is littered with all sorts of cars on both good days and bad days. People have money to buy. Real estate is once again booming, as many are acquiring homes, condominium units and the like. Progress is here, as the accounting books say. So why change the course of the Yellow Brick Road that we are in for the last what? 30 years?

If surveys truly reflect the voice of the people, and there is an untainted view of election results, it would have been a Duterte-Marcos win by now. A tandem which reflects the total opposite of what Filipinos have fought for in 1986. Duterte is known as “the Punisher,” the “Kamay na Bakal” behind what Davao is today. Davao back then was a no man’s land. Salvage killings were served for breakfast. It took Duterte’s balls to clean up the city, drive away drug pushers and install discipline amongst its people. It Duterte’s political will and “barbaric” small-town thinking ways (as many anti-Duterte have described it), to make the city a peaceful one. If we look back at history, isn’t this similar to what former President Ferdinand Marcos did during Martial Law on a massive scale?

And then there is Ferdinand Jr., the son of the former “dictator” whom every yellow and yellow-affiliate has vowed to #NeverAgain vote into office. But he became a senator with 13,000,000 Filipinos putting him in office. No matter how many have campaigned against him, still a good number of Filipinos believed and voted for him.

And now, the heavily contested Vice Presidential race where Marcos is neck to neck with yellow-rival Leni Robredo. And again, if surveys were to be believed and if there are no questions regarding the transmission of votes to the unofficial results tally, Marcos is the runaway winner.

Questions regarding the results of the tally is a slap on the face of all Filipinos. Obvious manipulation of numbers, questionable actions of those involved in our election process tell us one thing and one thing only. There are forces behind the elections which would do anything and everything in their power to derail a Marcos win. And if speculations were to be believed, this very action can put the Duterte presidency in jeopardy.

A win for the yellow? At all costs? What does that mean? Will this extend to massive cheating, manipulation of numbers, using people as pawn to condition the minds of the rest of the country that this election is amongst the cleanest and most honest of all the elections we have conducted? But why then are questions, irregularity in numbers and clamor for a recount, not just by Marcos supporters but by people from the academe, the religious sector and the like, asking COMELEC where on earth did our votes go?

Even anti-Marcos and victims of Martial Law are now coming out asking the very same question.

As a facebook post by Drei Toledo states:

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 11.16.27 AM

Non-Marcos supporters, Martial Law haters have come in unison to ask for the TRUTH. But then we ask, is it okay to cheat a Marcos, just because he is a Marcos? Is it okay to cheat just because once upon a time his very own family allegedly cheated, amassed vast wealth, amongst many other accusations hurled at them? Is it ok to cheat a perceived “spawn of the devil?” This to us is what is currently happening in our electoral process. But we are reminded of the democracy that we have all fought for in 1986? Is this the kind of democracy that we have won back then?

He may be a Marcos, and the current president is an Aquino. But cheating is cheating. The ends do NOT justify the means. Sadly, this is the kind of Yellow Democracy that prevails in our country today.

Then this is no longer a fight for Bong Bong or Leni, but a fight for the truth of clean and honest elections. Will Pinoys stand alongside true democracy (the voice of the people being heard and accepted), or will this be another railroading Yellow Democracy? What then will it be?


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